Health Effects of Cigarette Smoking

Health Effects of Cigarette Smoking. Smoking is prohibited in religion Islam.

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10 Responses

  1. TheEpic Awesome says:

    their trying to fuckin hypnotize me with ” Every cigarette is doing you
    damage” so fuckin what mind your own business

  2. Itz A Alien says:

    “Every single cigarette is doing you damage” oh fuck off government leave
    us smokers alone for once

  3. Nemz Lord says:

    Almost a month now without smoking. Going for a lifetime without it. 

  4. Hannes Karpaty says:


  5. Team Janice Dickinson says:

    Lighting up as I watch lol 

  6. Daneisha Williams says:
  7. Munia Razzak says:

    My teacher showed me this… Makes me cringe and I now feel sick 

  8. Ryan Rotert says:

    Fuck this shit

  9. PeanutButterDigger says:

    Thanks for posting this video! I quit thanks to u…

  10. Ferdoush Chowdhury says:

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