Harlow’s Studies on Dependency in Monkeys

Harry Harlow shows that infant rhesus monkeys appear to form an affectional bond with soft, cloth surrogate mothers that offered no food but not with wire surrogate mothers that provided a…

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25 Responses

  1. Ryan Bowen says:

    i love this, including the comments

  2. Roberto Valle says:

    Attachment theory, Harlow’s Study on Dependency in Monkeys…Poor Little

  3. S Lee says:

    Isolate a social animal for extended periods of time = animal gets fucked up
    Cloth imitates fur texture of monkey mother = monkey prefers cloth mother

    OBVIOUS results that required only common sense in order to reach. These
    were unethical experiments. 

  4. Chris Nikolajsen says:

    Basic assumption dependency. Group or individual. Group animals, instincts.

  5. Ann Alejandro says:

    What the FUCK? Men got PAID for this worthless shit?

  6. ReactionHere says:

    Joe Rogan and Duncan Trussell brought me here! 

  7. N.J TheTravelLover says:

    Oh fuck you Harlow!! I hope you’re burning in hell now as much as you
    tortured those poor animals for worthless shitty experiments!

  8. krapster2000 says:

    I don’t know man… I understand what experiment is proving, but I just
    wanna hug these suffering babies and tell them “I’m so sorry, I love you so
    much!”. :(

  9. Bloopys Kay says:

    i think im crazy because i like watching these kind of videos and dont get
    affected by them…sigh.

  10. Johnny Wadsworth says:

    Harlows experiments might have been cruel but they’re equally

  11. Chris Nikolajsen says:


  12. kjfjg0345 says:

    What a great way to spend taxpayer money.

  13. TheTraveler says:

    If only I had the privilege to do science experiment like these at school,
    I would score A+ for sure.

  14. chahit aggarwal says:

    gurrl you gatta be kiidin me !

  15. Owen Mellema says:

    Apart from being interesting, this is also incredibly unnerving.

  16. Emiliana Sonzogni says:

    L’esperimento di Harlow dimostra che il contatto fisico è un bisogno
    primario e che coloro che non ricevono affetto e attenzioni non sono in
    grado di mostrare empatia verso gli altri (nel caso specifico le scimmie
    mostravano indifferenza verso i loro piccoli).

  17. Curtis Dieno NG says:

    Im glad this guy is dead

  18. MadEngineer says:

    Mad Scientists. They exist after all.

  19. carly turnbull says:

    Very interesting, but cruel!

  20. kashewz says:

    Because a white guy did it, it’s in the name of science. Imagine what
    happens if an Asian did it. Let me guess. Barbaric, inhumane, etc. 

  21. Yael Hasson says:

    pobre monkey :_(
    Harlow’s Studies on Dependency in Monkeys

  22. Sm0k3y1000 says:

    I think we humans are the most cruelest species there is. Therefore, we all
    deserve to die for damaging the Earth. The end is coming soon and I’m
    looking forward to seeing most of you people who think this experiment was
    right, die. #TheEndIsNear

  23. Frede Fup says:

    Another of Harry Harlow’s experiments/’studies’:

  24. wkb81 says:

    first of all, fuck you and fuck your
    arguments. Fuck you and your ignorant and smart asses. Yes before fifties
    there were parents out there thinking whether they should feed, hug and
    love their babies or just leave them alone, right?? And also this is an
    experiment for monkeys. You cannot reach conclusions about human children
    just by looking to these experiments. My suggestion is in order to really
    prove importance of such factors for human babies let’s make the same
    experiments on real human babies. What do you say? you know everything is
    for science. And there is another way of getting information other than
    making an experiment of every fucking idea. It is called observing an
    extraordinary situation. These kind of isolations may and do happen time to
    time even for humans, so you can carefully search, find and examine such
    sitations instead of fulfilling your sadistic pleasures on baby monkeys. As
    a conclusion fuck you you fucking morons.

  25. miniman649 says:

    People. If you think this is inhuman and awful studies to make towards
    creatures… then take a look at this: en (dot)
    Same person, horrible experiment that includes: Monkey children in
    isolation for a whole year, tying up female monkeys to be forcefully
    ‘mated’ and the same female monkeys giving birth and abuse the baby

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