HANDS UP | Part 1 – Introduction to Physical & Health Literacy

HANDS UP for Health and Physical Literacy is a three part illustrated video series that will teach children and youth about the importance of physical and health literacy in a fun and engaging…
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9 Responses

  1. Dilanka Rangana says:
  2. Niki Bray says:


  3. Jamie Sparks says:

    Must see videos for Physical Literacy and Health Literacy, as a culture
    this is vital in understanding why we need to invest in health education
    and physical education. There is dire need for health and physical
    education to be treated just like math, science and reading….everyday

  4. GP Sport Council says:
  5. Mr Croce says:
  6. Mr Croce says:
  7. arsundberg says:

    I LOVE how this video broke the gender norms and depicted the female
    playing baseball!

  8. Mark Ucieklak says:

    Great video!

  9. Joe Ferreira says:

    who made this? please be in touch with motorunivrse@gmail.com Thanks

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