Guy smokes McDonalds French fry like a cigarette

Whats up !! im trevor and ive been hearing folks say that they can smoke a McDonalds french fry.. so i figured id try it out. Check this out.
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  1. Brian Jarvis says:

    To anyone that thinks this guy is an idiot, let me educate you:

    This guy IS NOT inhaling the potato-smoke, he’s simply puffing on it to
    show that it will burn down like a joint and he’s essentially *spitting*
    the smoke right out.

    So to commenter that asked the guy in the video to not have kids: Your lack
    of awareness brings into question whether or not YOU should be breeding as

    And just for novelty’s sake, it’s clear this guy smokes a lot of weed (like
    me!), because he’s holding the fry like a JOINT not a CIGARETTE. He’s using
    the word, “Cig” because it’s more friendly to this video’s purpose. That’s
    also obvious. 

  2. Sin Whimper says:

    Uhm no I already stop eating there years ago now I won’t even take NO ONE
    there again.

  3. La Keisha Fleming says:

    Did you know you can get lung cancer?Well it seems like you don’t cause you
    over here smoking and then a few weeks later you gonna be addicted such a
    stupid idea.Who ever found this out first must have died by now.I’m
    surprised that you still have brain cells.Smoke all you want you gonna die
    from lung cancer or from a bus hit.

  4. Jj Marsh says:

    dude……. let me ask you a couple questions… a couple is to test your
    basic logic in physics.. what happens to a potato after it is deep fried?
    its structure spreads, hardens and creates air pockets. what happens when
    you light a compacted substance on fire? it creates a constant combustion
    as we know as ember or a cherry of a cigg. is cooking oil combustible and
    is french fries cooked in cooking oil? extremely and yes. NOW the most
    important question.. you strongly believe there is something wrong with
    them, why in the fuck will you smoke it.

  5. GoD_Flow_00 _ says:

    Funny thing about it is he is correct…the fries are actually bad. The
    smoking of the fry is not important because you can smoke many things but
    overall the moral of the video is that the fries and food from McDonald’s
    is bad for you. He is very correct about that…so shut up with that racist
    shit and stop ridiculing him when he is in fact correct, while you are the
    ones who are wrong

  6. Nataly RAW says:

    please don’t have kids. ever

  7. ryan logas says:

    Makes you think, what kind of chemicals are in it, that’s makes it stay lit
    like that.

  8. StruggleTV says:

    Why do you have to say black people are so stupid? Why not just say this
    person is stupid? When you say that you just insulted an entire race just
    because of this one guy and you begin to get all racist and shit tf is
    wrong with y’all…

  9. Marcus Busby says:

    Is it wrong that I’m eating McDonalds fries while watching this?

  10. Krista Coxie says:

    Okay, he was just proving and showing how wrong Mcdonalds food is. Get a
    grip people. >.>

  11. soigorawr says:

    “Look what we are feeding our children”
    *Continues smoking French Fry*

  12. HALFTIME VINE says:

    i’m watching in 2015

  13. ShAhZaIb MaHmOoD dHiLlOn says:

    *Guy smokes McDonalds french fry like a cigarette*

  14. evan craft says:

    You can smoke any French fry

  15. ajnode says:

    Hahaha – I love how people with absolutely zero knowledge of food or
    science will just do something weird with a food they already think are bad
    and then say things like: “Maynn, dis prooves dis shit be bad for us yo!”
    — Why? Why is it bad? Because you can smoke it? What is the relationship
    between being able to smoke it and it being bad? I’m not saying they’re
    GOOD, but you’re providing absolutely zero reason for me to follow your
    logic here, guy.

  16. Martin Maska-Man says:

    you could smoke a shit too, but noone’s gonna normally do it :D

  17. junior sanches says:

    Just bout everything in this world is bad for you so yeah that in my

  18. Renegade Q says:

    lmao this shit made my night, fuck everyone who disliked the video

  19. Wiiliam Robinson says:

    Dude was already high before he did this lmao

  20. Kha Zix says:

    You’re not even inhaling you faggot

  21. Adolph Diddly says:

    The two most unhealthy things are now one. 

  22. Justin Widel says:

    Lol cut a potatoe like French frys, deep fry them bitches in grease, And I
    guarantee you can smoke it just like a mc d fry. 

  23. Sippery Wet says:

    bruh stg deez r cheepur den bluntz eye bin smokin deez for yeers yolo dank
    420 grandfather kush blaze it 

  24. AmorDeAbba says:

    You should look at what the meat is made out of my friend. Demonic food. 

  25. Driffin says:

    Time to wake up? None of us ever had the bright idea of smoking it lol

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