Guruka Singh: Why I became a Sikh Guruka Singh is SikhNet’s Executive director and original founder of SikhNet back in 1983 as a BBS System. Late last year he changed his whole job focus…and…
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25 Responses

  1. nikos t says:

    i find so many common things with this human being…

  2. priya kaur says:

    Wahe guru ji ka Khalsa ,wahe guru ji ki fateh.

  3. v12coupe says:

    Love this guy

  4. Amrit kaur says:
  5. David Rosenberg says:

    Thank you.

  6. gurinder ghuman says:

    Waheguru ji .

  7. Harmurat Kaur Rocio del Pilar Pena Baselli says:

    Inspires me <3
    WaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa, WaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh

  8. Peter Piper says:

    Yes, our hairs ARE antennae. That’s why I cut my hair VERY SHORT.

  9. Ajit Singh says:

    Wahaeguru ji ka Khalsa ,, wahaeguru ji ki fateh 

  10. Him Rav says:

    I love to listen to your videos.God bless you and your team for this

  11. Navneet Aulakh says:

    I really like the soothing background music.Anyone has an idea who the
    singer is? 

  12. Paul Singh says:

    +IamJ3RSY As far I understanding Sikh philosophy, if you can treat every
    one equal and also stand for others, you are following Sikhism. Now whether
    you become Khalsa (baptist Sikh) is another story. Khalsa is bit too high
    standard even for me being born in sikh family. I will love to achieve it
    but I know I am not ready because I still cant respect every woman as
    sister and still have lot of lust.

  13. Harjot Deol says:
  14. Harjot Deol says:
  15. 21darkknights says:

    IamJ3RSY you should live the way you want to live and appreciate
    everything. Sikhism teaches all religions etc are equals so why not take
    what you want without giving up what you don’t want to and adapt it to your
    way of life?

  16. Inder Mann says:

    wonderful…..god bless u….n thanx for the encouragement….

  17. Gillz Dj says:

    Mr Singh I am really impressed plzzz help me God to live the life the way u
    want proper gursikh

  18. singhdhoor says:

    Love the ending! “these are the clothes of the future.” 96 crore Khalsa
    tyaar bar tyaar!

  19. Savio Angelo Dias says:

    Which song is in the background? (probably Snatam Kaur, but which song?)
    Thank you!

  20. eckjeet singh says: words in ur praise

  21. Nancy Lidhar says:

    Wish this video nvr stoppd

  22. Jarrod Williams says:

    You are a beautiful person, sir.

  23. jitendra hassija says:

    waehguru bless u with a long and healthy life…u explain so much from teh
    bani in a subtle way…and with a scientific temperament at times … i
    think many more people wud find ur converstaion very rational and
    appealing…all i can say is…….waheguru bless u …

  24. ShadowYajna says:

    see movie made by Sikh artist.Its wonderful. Reunionthemovie. google it.

  25. Rich Brinehall says:

    I Love this guy.

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