Government Shutdown

Government Shutdown

My take on the on the 2013 government shutdown and what it means. Let me know what you think in the comments below! ATHEIST/LOGIC shirts: …
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  1. firewizard2734 says:

    I found something funny, during the small amount of time the government was
    shut down 80,000 more jobs were created than usual because people who had
    been living off of the government supplied money for being jobless decided
    they needed to get a job so they wouldn’t go broke. I’m not quite sure that
    giving the jobless money to live off permanently was a great idea, maybe a
    year or so until, they can get a job, but not permanently. Maybe something
    like for 1 year of being jobless, giving you the money to live off of until
    you get a job in a year, and after the age of 55 you will get money to live
    off of for retirement? Just a theory.

  2. JaclynGlenn says:
  3. GameRender100 says:


  4. David O says:

    Both parties were at fault in this fiasco. Obamacare was started by Bush,
    as per the Romney model in MA. Obama just completed the process. Let’s
    say something else: this whole thing is not for the common good in terms
    of healthcare. As a certified application counselor trying to sign people
    up at these exchanges, health insurance doesn’t come cheap. Not at all.
    How do I tell a family that the Gold Plan is optimal for his/her family,
    when they cannot even afford it? I’ve been a Republican until four years
    ago–that’s almost twenty-two years. Now I am an independent. You’re
    intelligent. Time for you to go independent! Neither party is good for
    America. Same old shit, different flies, in my opinion, What are your

  5. Antigony Acklin says:

    This happened to us. My husband is in the air force. Luckily my husband is
    a smart man and we had 6000 dollars in savings at the time. Our
    commissaries shut down which are our grocery stores. This was a problem at
    bases where the next town is an hour or more away from base. Again we were
    lucky and the base was only 10 miles from town. It was a scary time for a
    lot of close friends of mine. I am glad it didn’t end up lasting long and
    that only one pay check was delayed. Also the Albertson’s in our town was
    so amazing. They gave every military member and families discounts for
    shopping there because they knew we were going without pay. Absolutely
    amazing was some communities can do when other people are in trouble. Love
    your videos. Keep doing you. <3

  6. Daniel Stefanov says:

    Turning it off and back on again IS a valid approach with almost anything
    electronic. It isn’t guaranteed to work, but it is imperative that you try
    it before anything more complex.

  7. Alex Zamora says:

    Republicans = rich religious fanatics. the CEO of the company I used to
    work for would openly admit that the 3 most important things in his life
    were god,his company, and his family. In that order. So I do believe the
    theory that states that most CEOs would make good sociopaths or is it the
    other way around…

  8. oscar murphy says:

    We actually do not have the largest military. If my memory serves me well,
    I believe that goes to china or some other asian country 

  9. CerebroCola says:

    Government Shut-Down
    Bitch Shut-Up

    (..then go back to the kitchen)

  10. Marioca Marioca says:

    Reality, The USA is the Greatest debtor nation of the history of the

  11. Keize Montoya says:

    She voiced her dislike for Ron Paul yet he was the one republican with an
    actual budget cut plan. He always voices the over spending on military &
    the fact that we have over 300 nukes. He also voices his disagreement with
    the 2 party system but ran as republican for the major platform.

  12. AnonVoluntaryist says:

    State worshipper.

  13. Jonathan Durocher says:

    God bless u Jaclyn

  14. Andrea Passaglia says:

    it’s not childish because at stakes are thousands of dollars in
    politician’s pockets, you are so deluded.

  15. The DORUK says:

    NASA shut down entirely….
    Well Goodbye TONS of Minerals and Sources waiting for saving humanity….
    Welcome More and More Starvation, Wars, Global Warming Epidemic/Disaster
    and; of course; End of the All-Entire resources on Earth…

  16. dan dreeben says:

    that top really brings out tha hair it just flows with you ;]

  17. Jessica Klaus says:

    No, Obama felt depressed. This is a good thing.

  18. John Smith says:

    5:13 Woah, woah, woah. Since when is giving someone free healthcare that’s
    no good and just screws over some good hard-working people a “human right”?
    Especially when you factor in the multitude of choices and decisions that
    that individual made to put them in their current situation, it just
    becomes clear that they have to suck it up, and take on the consequences
    they earned rather than screwing someone who made good choices over and
    still falling in the hole in the end. The only human rights we all have in
    the US are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Leaving all of the
    actual violations that exist nowadays out of this, I can confidently say
    that not giving someone free healthcare is not a violation of any of these
    rights in their original meaning, and is more likely to be a violation of
    others’ human rights. This means without government, or any form of
    authority for that matter, these should be your basic rights. We’re born
    with these rights, and no one can take them away. That’s why taking away
    health care that saves lives (as Obamacare undoubtedly did) would be
    against these rights, but just not giving away health care is not.

  19. Sean Jeanes says:

    I like looking down your shirt. I’m sorry, what were you talking about?

  20. BriceRvB says:

    I don’t like that she clearly leans towards democrats but claims that both
    parties suck as if she doesn’t identify with either one

  21. lasharn07 says:

    Turning something off and turning it on again IS a valid solution when it
    comes to computers, not the government.

  22. Brock Norberg says:

    Obamacare isn’t the bill that was passed by the House and Senate.
    Congresses passed a bill, president signed it. Then the president amended
    it, which means it needs to go back to the House and Senate again, because
    it isn’t the same bill anymore.
    So, currently, obamacare unconstitutional. It’s legislation written by the
    president, without any other branches approval.

    Surprise, congress republicans only say they don’t want it on the surface.
    No sociopath would turn down the power Obamacare hands over to the

    No one can get elected to the Fed without giving tax payers free stuff, for
    free. Baby boomers are going to suck weath from the next 3-4 generations in
    the next 20 years.

  23. Michael Phillips says:

    You have to realize that your opinion is only accepted because of the
    liberal media who are shooting their loads all over the constitution. If
    Morals were brought back into life, then things can get back to normal.

  24. Don Tanner says:

    I hope everyone she knows gets sick and will look to her for help. 

  25. Pseudo SudoNim says:

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