Government shutdown explained in rap | Dan Bull & Shizzy VI

The US government has shut down. Dan Bull and Shizzy VI are here to educate you on what this means. ▻ MP3: ▻ Dan Bull main channel: ▻…

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25 Responses

  1. Monkey D. Luffy//Chase Uchiha//Jeff the killer says:

    Damn and the sad thing is it’s all true

  2. bobloblaw914 says:

    i blame the %1, because the 1% controls everything including the
    government. The 1% controls half the money on the planet, and they just
    keep trying to get more money.

  3. Eli Haws says:

    Dan I love your raps and I hope you keep doing what you’re doing 

  4. Andrew Johnson says:

    I came to this video expecting shit “rap” to laugh at.
    I was wrong to prejudge because this is dope as hell. Having the duet back
    and forth was fucking sick. Great job. 

  5. scott caron says:

    Ads that are 30 seconds and you can’t skip them -_- 

  6. harley davidson says:

    “We’ll see a drop in stocks immediately, the longer it goes on the more it
    eats in to the GDP” another government should stay out of the markets.

  7. Matthew Duncan says:


  8. Cody Duffy says:

    I was proud at how tolerant our people were, only one shootout. Thank God
    it’s over.

  9. GuiarGodCole says:

    “It’s like a game, with out funds is being played”? Fuck off you prick, you
    don’t pay a single dime to America through taxes so how is it ‘your’ funds?

  10. Ishan Juneja says:

    yeah blame the president, easy cop out, he can only use executive order so
    many times..

  11. Stormy Beach says:

    +Dan Bull is pretty awesome. 

  12. Bubbanator says:

    I just wonder if democrats from congress stumble upon your videos. Their
    just like…… “Damn! He found it out!”

  13. Towergame[Ceo of tcorps] says:

    1337 comments! oh i blew it didint i?

  14. Tamsin Jarmain says:

    most the comments are about politics.. Here are the days its good to be

  15. Void Gamers says:

    awesome Dan 

  16. Patty Rose says:

    A friend of mine shared this on Face Book, I almost didn’t click the link
    because I thought rap+news does not work.

    But this is actually awesome. In a “I wish this guy would replace my local
    news anchor” kind of way.

  17. gaming with an plague of games says:

    Wait is he saying it wasn’t Obama’s fault cause it was fuc in Obamacare mo
    like ombama don’t care

  18. BlackReversal says:


  19. SamCobb isBased says:

    What you should be learning is
    the shutdown was because of conservavitves
    who want to close the door on the poor
    and take all their profits ashore
    to a swiss bank account
    if we don’t raise taxes on the rich how
    the fuck are we suppossed to get out of this financial drought
    Obama’s tries to comprimise
    which today mean he’s spineless
    because Republicans and Tories are trying to destroy us
    But we will be strong, our brothers will carry ya
    We’ve overcome worse were the United States of America.

  20. Jacob1232100 says:

    Wait…Dan did a couple of songs with Shizzy and didn’t get a diss written
    by the Jokerr?! What sorcery is this?!

  21. Thomas Hesmert says:

    The Government Shutdown explained in a rap

    Government shutdown explained in rap | Dan Bull & Shizzy VI

  22. Gabe Cruz says:
  23. theaxeman307 says:

    Is The government still shutdown?

  24. josh rich says:

    Dan should do this more

  25. Duraid “Meh.” Issa says:

    Government shutdown explained in rap | Dan Bull & Shizzy VI

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