Government is The Problem! Some Good Ideas! Sensible!

You will get more truth from this video than you’ll get in a year of the state-controlled, propaganda media! Send Congress packing! We don’t need them, any more! Let them go out and try…
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15 Responses

  1. BackToConstitution says:

    @Greg042869 If you like Obama, who murders American citizens, who have not
    had their day in court, then you might be happier on a different channel I
    don’t want to associate with anyone who thinks that murderers are ‘pretty
    smart guys’!

  2. BackToConstitution says:

    @rocksiphone Your comment has a place on this channel and I don’t know who
    decided that it’s spam, but I have made it visible again Yes, the movement
    might be chilled by weather, but the people are still revolting and we
    aren’t giving up the fight for freedom or the fight against fascism Voting
    for their candidates is useless, but if everyone in the movement told ten
    others each day to vote for Ron Paul, the Constitutional candidate, as a
    protest vote, we could do something useful

  3. BackToConstitution says:

    @alfteck You vocabulary is very limited and your two word sentences are not
    welcome here Why don’t you find a channel that suits your room temperature

  4. 53muse says:

    Very well said! I hope you get a million hits, so the American people can
    see the whole picture in your short but informative video! Keep up the good

  5. BackToConstitution says:

    @yanikv Find another channel Obviously, you don’t fit in here Your three
    word sentences are unintelligible This site is for intellectuals, not those
    who can’t spell two letter words I’m blocking you!

  6. Robert Berman says:

    The fact that you see him as a pupet why do you have problem with him? Hes
    a pupet he is not the problem is the ones that see him as the one who is in
    charge. Hes a piupet . What is a pupet?

  7. Gregory Minkwitz says:

    You’re sort of right, but you come off as a very paranoid, bitter and
    caustic birther. I’m not a democrat, but I can tell you for one thing that
    Barack Obama passed a lot of tests at Harvard law school. He’s a pretty
    smart guy.

  8. 53muse says:

    @BackToConstitution I think tonight I had my first death threat/warning!,
    it totally blew me away. I wasn’t expecting it, then boom there it was in
    black and white on youtube!

  9. BackToConstitution says:

    @thesedonastarman This channel is not for you Why don’t you find a channel
    that praises puppet presidents with fake Certificates of Birth from Hawaii
    and then you’ll be happy? Get yourself a dictionary to look up words,
    because everyone knows what a puppet is and I’d rather spend my time
    writing more scripts and disseminating the truth for those who have already
    mastered the English language and are not living in a foggy reality,
    stumbling, on words, like puppet

  10. Alf Cara says:

    Bull shit.

  11. 53muse says:

    @BackToConstitution You are so funny, thanks for making me laugh! God
    willing we won’t have to do this more than once!

  12. BackToConstitution says:

    @53muse We are immortal and they can’t kill us The physical form doesn’t
    really matter; It’s the soul that counts, so I’m going to protest as long
    as I’m alive and when they kill me, I’m coming back to protest some more!

  13. BackToConstitution says:

    @53muse Thank you! I have had death threats, but I no longer care! Some
    things in life are worth more than one man’s life I’m in this for keeps!
    I’ll stop, when they arrest me and put me in a FEMA concentration camp They
    weren’t built for chickens, you know!

  14. yanikv says:

    WTF id this?

  15. rocksiphone says:

    Voting is useless, they pick the canidates for you to select. Ok, pick one
    of the following three canidates: Al Capone, Paul Castellano or Vito
    Genovese. Occupy Wall Street seems to be a batch of people with differant
    complaints and are all mixed up and most don’t have any idea of what is
    really going on. I guess its too cold and that is why it died down. Maybe
    in the spring it will start up again? They focus on corporations intead of
    the Federal Reserve,the head of the beast

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