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  1. Conspiracy2Riot says:

    Y’all just keep eating those imposter foods….GM corn fed, factory farmed
    meats, pesticide resistant vegetables and fruits….be my guest. There’s a
    reason cancer, allergies and diabetes are on the rise….so be my guest.
    And enjoy your chemical laden water….all those
    insectcides/pesticides/herbicides you’re spraying on your farmland is
    running straight into your water supplies, while the weeds and bugs develop
    resistance to them.

  2. jedesignz says:

    Better??? Faster, I will give you this one. They have some grow faster, but
    at the cost of taste. They are stronger, because they create their own
    toxins to insects, which also affects everything that eats it. Look at
    recent information about the loss of bee’s and now birth defects and
    miscarriages by people and animals who eat the food. What good is a GMO
    crop if it kills or sterilize us and our meat sources? If it kills the
    Bee’s then what will pollinate the crops?

  3. akbar2k7 says:

    @67sunshine89 oo Well i was not really looking at its ethically I think GM
    is wrong maybe It can be used for research but not for wider usage. This
    video jus looks at ‘Why’ GM food is used these are the possible things

  4. akbar2k7 says:

    @cunucky True i agree that coupled with western colonists taking African

  5. Alexander Pearson says:

    I like the vid 😀 thats why I dont get why the majority of African
    countries and arm twisted by europe not to let poor farmers grow the crop
    since they would be the most to benifit and that more than 2/3’s of people
    in sub sarah are poor farmers. it really makes me sad.

  6. hebephoebe says:

    Akbar, Akbar, Akbar..where did you get this information from? The Book
    Accoding to Monsanto?? There are NO GM CROPS that grow stronger (most are
    sensitive to climate changes), better (than what??) and faster?? (GM crops
    grow at the same rate as conventional)…the only difference is that GM
    crops either suck up chemicals or make them and spit them up….SUCK
    UP>>SPIT OUT…now why don’t you make a song about that?

  7. akbar2k7 says:

    @Lightfromsirius Thank you very much i made this for school last year I got
    B in science when i was predicted A* anyway.

  8. Lightfromsirius says:

    you find a nice end.

  9. Sam Tam says:

    mmmmm…. burgerz

  10. Alexander Pearson says:

    yea absolutely. even if africa wasnt exploited and gauged of its resources
    unfairly, it would and does have problems that come with having alot of
    resources. for instance the dutch disease (where the only thing worth
    producing in the country is that resourse through various factors) and the
    curruption it brings by funding warlords and other messes. it makes me sad
    cuz theres so many little things like this that make it so hard for least
    developed countries 🙁

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