Ghosts Extinction Mode Gameplay Info – (I saw some leaked gameplay)

Follow me on Twitter: Yesterday a subscriber shared some leaked Extinction mode gameplay with me from Call of Duty: Ghosts Xbox 360 edition. I got to see about…

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  1. Chase Howard says:

    I have beaten this game mode 4 times now and I still love it. Some friends
    and me have played it and we have beaten it pretty easily because we have a
    way of who upgrades what and all that. I’m on all the time for my clan so
    hit me up if you want to play with me; KSIxxr3b3l.

  2. Tyrant Rex says:

    Ok. My thoughts on extinction. Infinity Ward played some of XCOM Enemy
    Within, and they thought “that’s a good game idea” and then turned it into
    a game mode. Though, they didn’t quite do as well as XCOM. So, it’ll be
    fun. But if you want to play the better version, go head over to XCOM or
    just watch the Aliens movie.

  3. Sam Almeida says:

    its good

  4. luckygozer says:

    I hope this works for a reply since i can’t use the normal reply button -_-
    i have played snr it is a worse version of snd

  5. Sliqqee Neon / BlueFirezHD says:

    Then why respond?

  6. slender near 69 says:

    Is that chaos in the background

  7. Microzombie says:

    Press “show the comment” to learn about the deadly and highly annoying
    pathogen called a fanboyitis.

  8. sureshot2095 says:

    Else’s tastes, so quit all of your complaining and whining and play the
    game you want, don’t bitch a out which is better, is someone wants
    realistic, they can have realistic. Obviously Ghosts is trying to get
    better with the fantasy idea because of aliens, they’re not making it so
    you get overshields and no sway snipers. Besides, you can’t call yourself a
    gamer without some variety, the Dev. Of CoD even said it himself.

  9. Mister Elexandre says:

    “What? besides your OBVIOUS lack of grammar lessons, you must honestly be
    retarded.” You don’t capitalize “obvious” in all capital letters and you
    forgot to capitalize “besides” because it’s the first word in a new

  10. Mister Elexandre says:

    Battlefield 4, Titan Fall, possibly Halo 5 and Half-Life 3 might be pretty
    good like the past two other games. Left 4 Dead 3 is coming out I think,
    right? All these games are bringing something new to the table, what’s COD
    bringing? Fish that move when you get near them, a dog that follows you
    around and a reused killstreak system? Hell, it doesn’t even look like they
    thought brightening up the colours a little so you can see shit was a good
    idea. Atleast Treyarch can get that right.

  11. Mister Elexandre says:

    Too much kick? Are you kidding me? Take off that select fire and go shoot a
    wall as fast as you can, and don’t touch your
    analogs/thumbsticks/joysticks/mouse or w/e you’re using. The gun has no
    kick at all…..what game have you been playing? And just because you can
    beat someone that has an overpowered gun, by using a different gun doesn’t
    mean the OP gun isn’t OP….that’s not how it works. Your friends must
    fucking suck if they think the FAL has any kick at all, or they’re fucking
    dumb xD

  12. Mister Elexandre says:

    Well then, next time you probably should reply to the right person.

  13. Ruffianproduction says:

    This is in no way an attempt at Treyarcs zombies at all.

  14. neisan92 says:

    *watches good video about upcoming COD game featuring a cool new mode*
    *looks at comments about video* *Finds internet dick waving competition
    with another game, bitch slap fight between retards, and nothing at all
    related to the damn video* congrats bros you all suck. Imma go off in a
    corner and enjoy my CoD game by my self. later~~

  15. Sliqqee Neon / BlueFirezHD says:

    Yo! Don’t get involved with this guy. He thinks he’s God…

  16. Microzombie says:

    Not really, I could care less about likes I use this account for watching
    videos not posting them. And I wasn’t talking about you. It seemed to me
    that the others seemed to have this thought in their heads that ANY game at
    ALL is any way realistic to actual combat. No game can simulate actual
    combat, and it makes me angry that people like this argue about it when I
    know men and women who have had problems YEARS afterward. I won’t say
    anything out of respect for their wishes.

  17. Beuligan says:

    Both games are fun. I don’t see why people have to argue about it and be
    fanboys. Buy both or the one you like the most! Stop trying to “win” the BF
    vs COD argument, nobody wins, and you all look like idiots.

  18. ColeCola12 says:

    I wish Extinction was played with rounds or waves like Zombies, the linear
    play is really disappointing

  19. GrabN-Go Games says:

    Plz sub to me 🙂

  20. jckulewsky says:

    500 is STILL a terrible Cap! That’s 2/3 the speed of most other assault
    rifles! It can easily be outshot by the Type! On top of that, its penalized
    by its AR reload speeds, movement speeds, and reload times. Youre talking
    close range so its competitors are smg’s and shotguns. ANY shotgun beats
    this gun at 30 ft and under and all the smg’s ads faster meaning they are
    getting the first shot off FOR FREE with a faster fire rate. And the kap is
    SUPPOSED to kill fast. It has no bullets=balanced!

  21. Mister Elexandre says:

    Run for five minutes? What are you talking about? It’s called using the map
    and playing the objective, that’s where the enemy is lmfao Also, playing on
    the PC or on the newer consoles with 64 people might help a bit. You kinda
    have to use your brain a little bit more in BF4….you know, to realize the
    enemies are where the objective is? Not very difficult to figure this stuff

  22. gartios11 says:

    its easy after you get everything but like theres a lot to mal like panzers
    always fuckin kill me lol

  23. Josh Hudson says:

    Yes, Call of Duty is very unrealistic. God guys, that’s COD! CoD, has the
    one thing that will never be realistic – Taking so many bullets! Flak
    Jacket, and 7 Bullets of an AK to kill someone does not meat reality
    standards, but that’s why we play these games! You telling me zombies…
    are realistic? Even on BF3/4 the graphics aren’t the best. And it is very
    realistic. But what makes COD nicely done is the fact it’s much more
    UNREALISTIC! No one understands we play more un realism than realism…

  24. sureshot2095 says:

    CoD may be the preffered, but GTA5 Beat first day sales by over 300 million
    😀 They’re all good games and people like Joseph are just the kids who play
    Nuketown, then cry about shotguns.

  25. ShuurikenX says:

    extinction gameplay on my channel!

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