Ghevar Recipe – How to make Ghevar at home?

Click to read Ghevar Recipe in Hindi. Also known as Rajasthani Ghevar recipe, Subscribe for more recipes –…
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25 Responses

  1. Jaya Shree says:

    I love your sweet voice & dedication Nisha ji 🙂 will try to make at home
    for sure.

  2. Shubham Singhania says:

    Thank u mam for this wonderful recipe…..i tried ghevar yesterday and it
    came out very well……ur a fantastic teacher with a sweet voice…….

  3. Mohammed Aslam says:

    WOW Nishaji, awesome, you have shown some thing which I don’t know before
    it involves some sort of scientific method…. On the whole excellent
    recipe and the way of explanation is superb, like teaching to students, I
    love it. Thank you Nishaji……

  4. Parin Gala says:

    Thank you madam for sharing this excellent sweet recipe. :)

  5. ok says:

    Mam I m big fan of urs never tried ghevar buze I always found its just
    impossible for me but now I can try thanku for such a detailed way to make
    it .

  6. Chaitanya Viradia says:

    very nice recipe

  7. sajal mittal says:

    maam aap masterchef me kyu try nhi krti aap pkka jeetegi….

  8. Chaitanya Viradia says:

    thanks for recipe

  9. Palak Madaan says:

    Nice recipe gud one

  10. 〉〉SHADOW Gaming〈〈 says:

    Your presention is awsume. voice is so sweet.

  11. Parmeshwari Tahiliani says:

    Very nice 

  12. naznee mir says:

    Very nic

  13. Kriti Jain says:

    hi, I tried the ghevar twice with your recipe and everyone loved it..thanks
    for sharing.. I cooked it in ghee this time and the flavour is actually way
    different and better than oil… please tell me what to do with the used
    ghee? discard it or use it in routine cooking

  14. John Abbas Ali says:


  15. Hs Iv says:

    Nishaji, i have heared that the chashni should also contain ghee ….. Is
    it true ????
    Looks very perfect 🙂 !!!!!!

  16. Gayu Sarma says:

    Hello I tried so many times but failed, after watching ur video I made
    delicious, awesome round ones.thanks. like to watch more recipes.

  17. Neha Adi says:

    To gud

  18. rakesh bisla says:

    my daughter is your big fan. she likes your recipe’s too much and try to
    make them.

  19. Syed Jahan Ara says:

    Very nice

  20. mehtasakshi25 says:

    hats off auntie…u r amazing cookery teacher:):):)

  21. perfection3787 says:

    Hi, I can’t wait to try this recipe! I have two questions: Can Ghevar be
    made only in Savan month because of moisture or anything? And second is
    How to make Mawa ghevar? 

  22. harpreet insan says:

    ur way of speaking and smile is awsm,,,keep it up mam

  23. Lubna Khan says:

    Aunty this is really awsome….aaj maine yeh try kiya tha aur bht achcha
    bana…thanx for d recipe..

  24. Syed Jahan Ara says:

    I like your cooking

  25. Vishal Gupta says:

    Hi Madam,
    Aasha h aap achi ho…. we are huge fans of yours.. even mera to tummy bhi
    aapki guidance se bhar rha h… aap really bhut easy and comfortable
    recipes batati h… aaj humne ghevar banaya h…
    thanks for your videos…. may god bless you…
    i was saying to my wife…k aapke bache kitne enjoy karte honge…hahah
    take care madam…

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