Getting Rid of Moles Through the Explosive Power of Liquid Nitrogen

If you have any kind of grass-based area in your garden then you’ll know that moles can be a problem and need to be removed if you want to maintain that perfect bowling green surface. However,…
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  1. Ranshaton Yaj says:

    lesson of Mold of Duty: Stun Grenade isn’t effective against mole camper.

  2. NEWTON1080p says:

    I had this problem once. An atom bomb did the trick. But I seem to have
    grown another arm.

  3. CakeDudeGaming says:

    Mole of Duty: Modern Molefare

  4. sophia rose says:

    Fuck this person

  5. Brian sobotta says:
  6. Mason Garrett says:

    Try dry ice bomb or drain-o aluminum foil in a two liter bottle

  7. MisterPinhead says:

    this reminds me of caddyshack :)

  8. CakeDudeGaming says:



  9. Reece Howard says:

    At exactly what point did Moles evolve a substantial level of reasoning and
    logic to understand that liquid nitrogen explosives are a warning to say
    “sorry guys, you’re not welcome here”.

  10. mynameismatt2010 says:

    Is there a video of you trying thermite?

  11. Jared Searles says:

    Thermite is a great idea……

  12. Tiguy Uphill says:

    I beg you’re pardon Sir, but that mole is most defiantly deceased.

  13. Brad Bradshaw says:

    Ever seen mole hills on the edges of roads?????? Lots of vibrations next to
    Call a Molecatcher! Try The Guild of British Molecatchers. :)

  14. sniper152 says:

    next time try a emergency road flare

  15. Jose Moliner says:

    thats a human being! Wish the Moles could do the same to you

  16. jayce1983 says:

    waiting for that thermite video! burn a hole to the center of the earth!

  17. Aussie Floggie says:

    hahahaha thermite to fuck them up for good ay..

  18. David Evans says:

    Pound 3 to 4 foot metal rods into the ground about 10 feet apart, covering
    the area where you want to get rid of the moles. Leave a foot or so
    sticking out of the ground. Network the poles together with shielded wire.
    After a nice rain or on a dewey morning connect a car battery to one pole
    with jumper cables. Wear rubber boots as you say goodbye to your little
    friends as they shoot out of the ground like mole cannonballs, and whatever
    else is in there will scram too.

  19. Josh Abbott says:

    Totally thought of facial moles when I first saw the

  20. EG Gamer says:

    Anti mole recipe: 21% benzene, 33% petrol (gasoline), and 46% polystyrene.
    Make sure to use thermite or White Phosphorous to ignite it. This mixture
    will surely rid you of these moles.

  21. Mindmicanic KC says:

    Water hose works every time I’ve done it… U do have to relocate them far
    away in the country side to live a undisturbed life. 

  22. Godzilladeathmatch says:

    it would be cooler if you would of blew up the mole…we have battled these
    nusance’s for years…

  23. tomshiba51 says:

    I thought of Mr. Gopher from Caddy Shack as I watched this.

  24. propyropower says:

    subbed! i like youre attitude 😉 

  25. Quentin Daniels says:

    Pour a cup of gasoline on top of each mole hill. A mole’s sense of smell is
    uber sensitive and they absolutely will not return once their nose hits

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