Get People to Like you : How to Win Friends Influence

I show you How to Win Friends & Influence People Instantly. I cover how to use NLP for dating, NLP Representational Systems, NLP Mirroring and Rapport Tricks.
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25 Responses

  1. garfuguy says:

    I feel like am a ROBOT being computerized to act like HUMAN BEINGS. 

  2. KingMartinelli says:

    Derek you are awesome

  3. Filip Kopecký says:

    with hume -> dislike

  4. eyeamthey1 says:

    Every time I tell a story, people interrupt me. I cannot seem to get past
    that, so I need to know what I can do to change that behavior in other
    people. When I say interrupt I mean, sometimes other people just talk over
    me instead of letting me finish my thoughts. OR they come up into my
    conversation and interrupt or interject with something they just saw or
    thought of…etc. How do I gain respect when people see me talking. I need
    to let them know, when I speak, I do not tolerate interruption.

  5. Lisa Yahtzee says:

    You went up to a stranger and said ” excuse me…how much money my broker
    lost me and my newborn, I forgot to eat today; what looks good on the
    buffet?” wow–I’d have rolled my eyes and said “I’m not sure, why not go
    look?” Seems pretty pretentious talking about money with a complete

    Also, If there were a one second pause between different ideas, or
    concepts, it would be so much easier to understand what you’re saying.
    This is all NLP so it’s review for me,
    just a suggestion for future videos–it sounds like the way it was edited
    was with the goal to delete ANY pause, when pauses help the last thing you
    said sink in.

  6. foctordish says:

    I wanted to like this, but the incorrect use of the apostrophe gets on my
    nerves. It makes me try to guess your secret formula for apostrophe use,
    rather than focus on the content of the text.

    e.g. at 1:39, there are the words “shoulders” – (plural, correct). The next
    sentence contains the phrase “shoulder’s fall”, like the fall of the
    shoulder. wrong. you mean “shoulders” again, right? You could have said
    “when the shoulder’s fall is visible” or something like that, and it would
    be correct. The apostrophe indicates possession, belonging. e.g. “Earth’s
    gravity”. The second “shoulder’s” is really distracting.

    In my mind it goes like this – “does he think that shoulders and shoulder’s
    are different somehow? rising versus falling? er… now I’ve missed a bit,
    what was he saying?”

    Next sentence – “Area’s” – also plural, but in this case made to look like
    a possessive. What belongs to the area? my mind is being bent by hearing
    you say the words and understanding you, whilst being led down linguistic
    dead ends in your writing.

    Simple tip. If you’re unsure, don’t use an apostrophe. 9 out of 10 times,
    the mistake is adding one unnecessarily to a plural, because you think it
    looks funny without one, like “video” (videos) or “Hero” (heroes)

    I’m only telling you this because I found the content of your video
    interesting and I learned something from you. I hope this comment does the
    same for you.

  7. CrashPreinsertion says:

    Derek I really like your videos and your pace and putting together like
    content is really helpful. There’s nothing more annoying than watching a
    tutorial video where the first 1/3 is blather – and that happens a lot.

    I have some concerns about NLP however and its claims, the lack of
    scientific support amongst psychologists, and its purported lack of
    empirical evidence. I’m mostly concerned that if anyone is being
    hypnotized by NLP it’s the person who believes it will work. I hope people
    watch this particular video with a dose of salt. NLP doesn’t get much
    respect amongst scientists or psychologists. 

  8. slowjamcdub says:


  9. DARCAKE says:

    The problem is there many fake ppl and i see much ppl with lame will i dont
    like to fake my feelings towArd them but i rlly like friends any suggets?

  10. between you and me (english trainer sessions) says:
  11. Jose Javier Garde Lecumberri says:

    Get People to Like you : How to Win Friends Influence

  12. seannyeah says:

    hume? really??


    I bet 75% of the people have no friends.
    Not me, I only came here to see what the comments
    look like.

  14. silenthacker66 says:

    Derek what are you? how do you know this stuff … You are a Genius.. How
    do you learn all these things, im so impressed You are Epic

  15. MrFlandrija says:

    I’m interrested in fractionated rapport. Is there any literature available
    on it or is this based on your experiences? Is there any study on it? I
    like your videos by the way. They are short and concise.

  16. KawaiiandDark says:

    I got someone to like me by giving them space & only joining conversations
    I could & talking about myself some, once I told them a difference between
    us they opened up to me

  17. aSim 0000 says:

    interesting points ,if anyone else wants to discover how to influence
    people book try *Enlarbo Amazing Hypno Wizard* (do a google search ) ? Ive
    heard some awesome things about it and my cousin got excellent success with

  18. Ehud Macher says:

    the person with “hume” I’m speaking? 

  19. Julia Petty says:

    Active listening is not like the example you gave, no your own opinion, no
    offering suggestion, no judgment, but briefly repeat the guest’s words in
    organized way

  20. Anomis Nomen says:

    So, basically, people are narcissistic and narrow-minded, because they can
    only like and befriend people who look, think and act like themselves.

  21. coulton bishop says:

    Mind fuck 

  22. Victor Cassone says:

    What resources did you use for this? I’m curious to some further reading.

  23. Manish Niraula says:

    this video is great so does you. can u help me ? i m in a serious
    relationship so i dont wanna loose her so when we had a fight it is tough
    to make her happy again she is harder to make normal. can u tell me and
    others who have mutual problem on how to impress a girl in such case i have
    tried almost every thing plz tell me the best way 🙂 

  24. Stan Morisseau says:

    When you search a video and you get caught up watching the adds.

  25. dancingscavenger says:

    So informative….post more!

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