Get a sound that only young people can hear! [Actually Works]

Do this survey, and tell me how old you are, and if you could hear it or not. If enough people do it, I can make graphs and stuff (Made via google :D) Download…

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25 Responses

  1. windowsforvista says:

    Did someone share this video or something? I’m getting tons of comments
    lolz (every single comment is a buzz on my email that keeps me up at night

  2. Evan Collins says:

    24, can hear it. hurts my ears in a strange way

  3. Justin Wallace says:

    17. Listened to it for a full 30 seconds. Everything blacked out. Woke up.
    My whole family is dead and there is a knife in my hands. Never trust

  4. rom milner says:

    My mom (48) heard it

  5. Crackers (PhD in Wumbology) says:

    That really hurt actually.

  6. Edmundo Gonzalez says:

    28, heard it.

  7. doyouseereflection says:

    28 and i can hear it

  8. Nathan Jolly says:

    35 and I can hear it.

  9. SupernaturalMusicVideos says:

    17. Can hear it.

  10. Inazuma65 says:

    32 and I can hear it.

  11. JogInTheFog says:

    40 years old — I couldn’t hear it until I turned my computer speakers up,
    then it hurt …

  12. ikillomega says:

    32 w/ trained ear. Heard it and it kicked on my migraine, hahaha.

  13. FroddeB says:

    Showed this to my 51 years old mom. She couldn’t hear it until I but the
    volum on 90% (My ears were bleeding at 40%)

  14. HEAVEH_IS_DED says:

    What’s the frequency in Hz (Hurtz)?

  15. Rayram AureanBlue says:

    20, can hear at the end.

  16. Daniel Rogness says:

    29, can hear. At normal volume, was like my ear-drums were being stabbed.

  17. True Velox says:

    19, and I can hear it. But I guess that’s normal. 

  18. mrpandabites says:

    Yeah I’m almost 33 and I hear it as clear as day.

  19. Crystal Tessaro says:

    i am 33 , and i’m pretty sure that my ears are bleeding…

  20. DJ R3K0RD says:

    OUCH. Uh. 18 and I hear it.

  21. Lorien Shaw says:

    62 and I can hear it…gives me an instant pain just in front of my left

  22. Kayla Suhaili says:


  23. Hunter White says:

    13. that hurt strangely.

  24. mimi veneros says:

    Thanks Window… Got my sister really anoyed it hurt my ears beacuse im10

  25. Dee Advani says:

    I feel left out, 46 and couldn’t hear it :(

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