George Pataki ad: “What Matters” – No Distractions!

George Pataki ad: – We need to focus on the issue that move us forward. Video Script: Defeating Islamic Terrorists Shrinking Government Growing the Economy These are…
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3 Responses

  1. originalindigodingo says:

    For those confused why you don’t see thid guys name thrown around in
    Republican Primary discussions, he’s running as a Democrat.

    Yeah, good luck with that, loser.

  2. John Sullivan says:

    Same old Same old…..shrink government, cut government spending, pander to
    the ultra wealthy. George, you are a wannabe with an old lies to tell. Lip
    service to things you don’t believe in nor will ever follow through on.

  3. Jeff Bonham says:

    Amen, George.

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