Genie (Secret of the Wild Child)

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  1. Elizabeth La says:

    Genie is still alive, isn’t she? I wonder if she remembers all of this.
    Pretty sad to think about. If the people around her hadn’t given up on her,
    she could have made so much more progress in her development. 

  2. james doyle says:


  3. Rob Robert says:

    I can’t believe any judge would agree to send her back to her mother. This
    has to be the most cruel abuse I’ve ever heard of. As for the doctors, I
    think they concentrated too much on experimentation and study, and left out
    the power of plain old love and nurturing. I think she’d have done a lot
    better in the end if she had been placed in one home where she could learn
    what she needed to learn, but was loved as a member of a family. It would
    have taken an extraordinary group of people to pull it off, but it would
    have been better for her, ultimately.

  4. LemmingsGoPOP! says:

    I don’t understand these hate scientists are getting. Its clear to me that
    the scientists and health professionals were giving Genie the best support
    and care she had ever gotten while they were nurturing her development. Its
    better than the care she got as a ward of her father, then her mother, then
    the foster homes and then the state of California had in store for her.
    They didn’t have a choice as to who would take her. How can you call these
    scientists uncaring?

  5. Sabina Last says:

    i hate this word “retarded”, its just hurts …

  6. Denise B says:

    What bugs me is that after having her 4 years why give her up just because
    they stop giving you money? To Genie that is her home she’s comfortable, so

  7. Caroline Granados says:

    Poor girl, she has been abandoned over and over again. I think the real
    criminlas besides her parents, are the people who send her from foster home
    to foster home. I think the ones who adopted her in the first place, should
    never have abandoned her! I think the are cold hearted people 

  8. G0rd0nHealth says:

    Poor girl. Can’t believe they gave her back to her mother. What is this
    crap. These wriglers and other doctors should have kept up with their work
    after the grant was dropped and not just given her up OBVIOUSLY. 

  9. sweetypop hea says:

    she will be in heaven with our god happy everafter <3

  10. Charlene Robertson says:

    I cannot BELIEVE the mother had the balls to sue anyone!! That bitch should
    have been put under the jail! That is child abuse and neglect at its worse
    and whichever judge let her off is a complete idiot. I do agree that they
    used her like a lab rat but for the mother to use that for her financial
    gain is utterly ridiculous.

  11. Piotr says:

    Why are half the comments about her physical appearance? This just proves
    no one would give 2 shits if she was ugly. “Oh BUT she was so pretty, what
    a shame…” Why the fuck does it matter is she was pretty? 

  12. Theresa Mischeski says:

    That really was heartbreaking:(

  13. Pat Hacker says:

    I may be way off base here, but why was this child never introduced to
    animals or pets? Why was all her education based on some sterile sort of
    education? The unqualified love of an animal may have made a huge
    difference in her development. I didn’t see much interaction with the
    natural world at all.

    She seemed so open and happy at the beach.

  14. corrythew says:

    What kind of a screwed up system would even let the mother near her, much
    less give her back to her ….

  15. joshanator1 says:

    And, at the end, When does a person become real to you?

  16. KingOfRandom says:

    She didn’t get love. They treated her like a lab rat

  17. Madridista Girl says:

    why did they call her the wild child? she isnt wild at all

  18. Fábio Oliveira says:

    I am Brazilian and I need to know how much she is today, someone here is
    California? What I learned through this link ( ) is that it
    works, or worked as state guard, and seemed to be happy, but it was in

  19. carrie carebear says:

    wow…they put her back with her mother and then she sues…nerve of that
    idiot…poor young woman…very sad!

  20. Isaiah Dauda says:

    i think giving her back to her mother was the right thing to do. In my
    opinion, i think the mother has d right because she probably misses the
    child and also i think that the child desperately needs motherly love not
    some stupid research. Every one makes mistakes, the mother made a mistake
    by not realizing the wrong that the father did to their daughter. But i
    think that she has learned her mistake after all those years of being
    deprived of her child. Over – time, she also probably suffered emotionally
    and maybe psychologically about the fact that she was being deprived of her

  21. Linda Casey says:

    What a mess .. if I were the lawyers representing the mother in this case,
    I wouldn’t be able to do so without laughing out loud. It’s just too stupid
    for words. Try to help somebody and get SUED for it by the perpetrator of
    the crime? I’m appalled. Bless those who TRIED.

  22. TheOnlyTexasNinja says:

    No money so they got rid of her.

  23. Mike E says:

    This is such a sad story in many ways. First and foremost Genie was a
    developmentally disabled child with special needs. More than anything she
    needed a stable home and a family that would accept and love her for
    exactly who she was. She was not a scientific case study to be analyzed and
    tested like a laboratory rat. It’s disturbing that the doctor and his wife
    gave up Genie when the funding for their study was terminated. Being
    constantly moved from one foster home to another is not healthy for any
    child. Wherever she is today I hope she is safe, happy and content.
    My 14 year old daughter was born with Down syndrome and I see many
    parallels between her and Genie. Speech has come slow to my daughter, in
    fact she is a very slow learner in all things but I accept my daughter
    exactly as she is and I am proud that she is able to learn and function
    relatively well in the world. I know from experience that a stable, loving
    home would have allowed Genie to reach her full potential but it seems the
    scientists and social workers failed to grasp that concept.

  24. henryboy arizona says:

    What kind of person can do something like this to a child?? it is any hope
    for this world? this world need to be burn to the ground…….

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