Gear VR Oculus Home – How to Install and Launch VR Apps

Gear VR Oculus Home - How to Install and Launch VR Apps

Here’s a bird’s eye view of the Gear VR environment and how to browse, install and launch apps. I also look at a few more movie watching details based on comments on previous videos. For maximum…
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25 Responses

  1. Ritchie's Room says:

    Made good use of the Chromecast mirroring function to show what it’s like
    inside the Gear VR world…

  2. Luc Sasaki says:

    Any idea if the NOTE Edge works with it since it’s has the same possessing
    power and software?

  3. FrootLoop says:

    Can you see pixels?

  4. Bruno Nuñez says:

    Full positional tracking: no.

  5. Eric Gruntfuttock says:

    Hey Ritchie…another great upload.Do you have any game demo’s you could
    show us…?.

  6. maxime peyrot says:

    Once you bought the VR and note 4 . Where do you find the movies and games
    for it? 

  7. Gershon Dharmanandan says:

    how to download this app?

  8. Mario Matteis says:

    Thanks again! 🙂 gear vr won’t have me and my loved bed to split up!

  9. richie brown says:

    Brilliant video Ritchie, this has got to be the best gear vr channel on
    YouTube plus the fact your a great presenter, look forward to another

  10. Brysen karnik says:

    I’m really curious about what pass-through mode looks like. Will I be able
    to navigate through my house using it? Is it like a little window so I can
    watch a movie and see what’s going on around me?

  11. Hardknockz480 says:

    I can’t wait for this VR headset to become available in the States. Your
    videos are the best and full of details.

  12. Greig Crichton says:

    in the cinima you showed tripple screen can this be used for gaming 

  13. raydioz says:

    Is it possible to watch SideBySide or Half Top & Bottom mkv or another
    format 3D movies?

  14. Matthew Lynch says:

    Hey Ritchie,

    I am really curious if the 360 Video viewer on Gear VR also views 180
    degree 3D VR videos. If so, how do you get the content on there? I have
    been making these types of videos and am really hoping it works out of the
    box on Gear VR, Happy to provide content if you do not have any on hand as
    we have been shooting this type of VR video for a couple of months now.

    Much appreciated.


  15. Maarten Van Den Berg says:

    Is it possible to change your seating position in oculus cinema? 

  16. 김대열 says:

    Thank you~!!

  17. Akshay Sawant says:

    new sdk has been released as well so I think better improvement to be seen
    in coming days…however no official launch dates yet so bit upset with
    that other than states and few more countries don’t know when it will come
    to Asia…thank you again for video ritchie

  18. Joon-Sub Chung says:

    Can you watch it with glasses?

  19. The Awesome Man says:

    +Ritchie’s Room How real does it feel? I have no chance of trying it out
    before buying it and I really want an unbiased opinion on how real does it
    feel when you are in a VR environment, do you actually feel you are in the
    “Matrix” almost kinda feel with reality stretching all around you? or is it
    more like a pretty big screen, cool but not much like reality? 

  20. Kyle Into says:

    that looks like a terrible framerate; do you notice the low fps and is it
    disorienting? thanks

  21. Daley Biedul says:

    You didn’t show how the camera works on Gear VR. Can show that in you next
    video thanks :)

  22. Sultan Salikhbaev says:

    Games please 

  23. mattymatt2323 says:

    Probably been asked a million times but ive missed it, can you change seats
    in the cinema? Or are you just stuck in the one? Ps I love your coverage on
    this device and was greqt listening to the chat on revs podcast. Pps cant
    believe i never thought about that when you turn a corner in a car that you
    would be facing the wrong direction in the headset blew my mind a tad.

  24. Casey Sutherland says:

    The best Gear Vr videos on the internet! Thanks, man!

  25. Willie Scott says:

    Hey Richie, great video. Curious what software/firmware update you are
    using. I have a Global Note 4 and just received my GearVR but it is saying
    I need to update my software. Any advice? 

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