Gay couple & 5 surrogate kids. Gay marriage allows adoption, surrogacy, Ireland,Irish referendum,RTE

Support the gay marriage referendum vote in Ireland to allow adoption and surrogacy of children, & allow medical card holders get free fertilty treatment, like in France and other advanced…

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23 Responses

  1. Gary Keycode says:

    Weird I don’t like it.

  2. Katrina Umana says:

    This sounfs like product and marketing NOT virthing children. I guess when
    your rich you can buy a baby! Luckily for the poor they rarely have
    infertility problems!

  3. Y Fang says:

    I am a gay teacher and I also want a child in the future as well. However,
    I somehow feel thess two guys disgusting and degrading when they talked
    about the eggs and women.

  4. ballinvillon says:

    You can get them on ebay too…..

  5. Bob rk says:

    The worst spokespeple for gay adoption/surrogates ever, vain selfish effite
    new money . Disgusting

  6. Jim Keddy says:

    FUCK what .. how are the laws in the world now from makeing
    guinnie pig and lab rats out of humans .. for gays .. this
    sort of abuse is unlawfull..

  7. kate campbell says:

    That’s just the kind of wanna be woman to teach a kid how to be a lady. NOT
    Imagine all the butt germs all over their house. Absolutely disgusting.
    They act like the kids are a meat market. Who the fuck would donate their
    kids to these gays?? Shame on you.

  8. Paulipuppy says:

    Surrogacy is the most disgusting thing that I have ever seen and heard.
    Buying and selling children like slaves. From day 1, the child doesn’t have
    a say whether they want to be with their mother or other parents. And the
    idea of exploiting women and using them, basically, as an incubator. What
    has happened to human rights and female/male equalities?!

  9. Bob Hartman says:

    I want to puke.

  10. Aargh 3 says:

    I thought it was illegal to sell and buy children. Shouldn´t they be in
    jail by now?

  11. Albert Martinez says:

    These guys make me sick.

  12. Juan Michelena says:

    The host talks like an AI

  13. delderful says:

    These men have no respect for humanity. This is not the way children should
    be created. Take a look at their little blond boy… he looks traumatized
    and very unhappy in most of his photos. All of this should be illegal.

  14. iwantoutnow says:


  15. iwantoutnow says:


  16. iwantoutnow says:


  17. Sjczz says:

    Banning surrogacy and spam donation! Some people really have no idea how it
    feels not to have any kids of your own, gay or straight the pain is still
    same. How many people got addicted of drugs and being alcoholic for not
    being able to parents? Adoption is an option, but sometime you want to see
    the shadow of your own, your won blood, the one who truly belongs to you.
    I’m a straight girl but it horrifies me sometime thinking of what if I
    can’t have my own kid! People should stop saying shits!

  18. Tim Somerville says:

    Im gay and I find this video disgusting, how you can sell woman like they
    are a piece of meat. I find it degrading and horrible, atleast help poor
    children in africa who dont have a family. That couple are so arrogant ”5
    ft oompa loompa”….”6 ft los angeles model”, like how superficial and
    narrow minded can they get? Get some respect for females.

  19. jyotiopenskyhouse says:

    Where are all the human right groups or UNICEF to stop this? It seems that
    nothing happens.

  20. Kevin McDermott says:

    it’s never wrong to love, it’s always wrong to hate

  21. Kevin McDermott says:

    sperm donations are a source of income for many people. plus it helps
    people who are infertile to make children, nothing wrong with it at all

  22. jyotiopenskyhouse says:

    Surrogate motherhood should be banned with NO exception!!! Does anyone
    think about how the kids might feel later? It´s not like buying a car. It
    makes me nearly vomit when I see this video.

  23. Douglas Carvalho says:

    These men are a big daddy, congratulations! 🙂

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