Garage & Workshop Storage Solutions

Garage & Workshop Storage Solutions for bikes, tools, garden tools, workshop tools, ladders and other stuff… Storage Ideas to help you get organized.
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25 Responses

  1. acarrig says:

    Great Ideas. I’m working on reorganizing my shop area. I’m defiantly
    using your pegboard sliding door idea. Thanks.

  2. Gitar Zan says:

    Box of 50 assorted pegs. 8 bucks at Harbor Freight One of their best kept
    secrets. They have a few few specialty shape racks too. A dab of clear
    caulk in the peg hole holds them in place and still looks ok.

  3. emmanuel perales says:
  4. j charles says:

    I congratulate you!!!!, amazing garage, one place for each stuff and each
    stuff in its place!!!
    Greetings from México!!!

  5. amber cutter says:

    I am currently in the process of organizing my garage ……… I will be
    using several of your tips. Thank you!


    Gostei da sua organização da sua oficina!!!!!!

  7. Robert Gray says:


  8. Brian Miller says:

    Wow, you’ve done a great job! I’m going to apply some of those ideas to my
    shop. Thanks. 

  9. vincent7520 says:

    Bet that with these shovels and hockey sticks you don’t live is southern
    Arizona !!!
    Thanks for posting !

  10. 1234tric says:

    Rob, great job. I would like for you to have slowed it down just a little,
    and gave us more of some close up of your shop things.

  11. thornwarbler says:

    I’d be careful the local scrotes dont pay you a visit one night and lift
    the lot if i had all that on display round here the lot would be away
    within a week. Great storage and workshop though

  12. whimpey109 says:

    Thanks for posting this great video, Rob! With some dedication you can
    maintain order and have everything you need at hand! Good idea to have the
    bikes out of the way because they consume lots of space and now you don’t
    have to endlessly move them around! The only disadventage I have with
    having lots of tools ia that everybody drops by to order and pick what they
    don’t like to buy them for themselves or have somewhere laying around!:-)

  13. wayd19 says:

    Dude the angled dowels idea is awesome. I’m using it.
    I’m not kidding (-;

  14. yellownp22541 says:

    Very nice! Keep them coming.

  15. Tony Bono says:

    Creative use of available space. Nice to see a man cave that also
    incorporates the family’s needs too.

  16. dufftime says:

    great looking garage, and great ideas. thanks for the vid.

  17. dirtTdude says:

    I got my ladders outside, under the eaves now, i’m getting rid of my radial
    arm saw, I keep my bicycles in my bedroom and the cars stay outside …

  18. euphoria156 says:

    WOW did u go to school to learn all that or u learnt from ur
    father/friends? Thanks for the info, looks like a cool website. God Bless,
    Take care.

  19. Breeze Whitefoot says:

    Nice job. I like the idea for the bicycle support. I have a mezzanine also,
    I will be using your tricks. Thanks again.

  20. pod5131 says:

    thats some tidy workshop, man

  21. jkjkhardcore666 says:

    Nevermind all of their plans cost money, and they are just the dimensions,
    not the actualy step by step process. Hell I could just make my own
    freaking dimensions (make the cabinet any size I want).

  22. robsgaragewoodworkin says:

    You can wall mount the pegboard by framing the pegboard with 1×2’s (I would
    also run one 1×2 down the middle at the 4Ft mark) Then attach it to the
    wall securely. Good luck!

  23. robsgaragewoodworkin says:

    The ladder is really easy to get and it’s out of the way. You have to leave
    some space so your door opener doesn’t hit it. Talon pegs are available
    from Lee I do most all car and household repairs and any home
    upgrades myself. I buy good tools to do the job and always save extra money
    by doing my own work. Check out the rest of my channel for examples. Thanks
    for your comment and good luck with your garage!

  24. euphoria156 says:

    you have sooo much stuff!! wat do you do for living?? well organised except
    the ladder thing, its a pain taking out ladder wen needed plus u were
    talking abt some garage opening issues, i’m sure u can do better than that!
    where did u find the pegs which get locked in automatically? Thanks.

  25. robsgaragewoodworkin says:

    I have other video’s on that subject, “workshop dust collection”, “How to
    make a low profile double cyclone separator” and others. Just go to my
    channel and look through the video’s. Good Luck with your build!

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