Full day of Eating…BULKING PT 2

I take you through a typical day of eating while I’m on a bulk. What I’m shooting for here is about 425g carbs, 180g protein, 80g fat. I went way over on protein, but that’s alright because…
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  1. zRoyland says:

    Holy shit. Before now, I didn’t know anybody else who mixed a packet of
    flavored oatmeal with the bland one besides myself. Nice.

  2. S Brank says:

    So…can you explain to me the idea behind ending the day on 104g carbs,
    just before bed? Were you high or something?

  3. Alan Oneal says:

    do you drink skim milk? it seems if 2 percent/whole would be more fat

  4. Neil McMahon says:

    Carbs pre-workout ?? hmmm

  5. Jimmy Ngo says:

    How can I still not gain weight when I eat fairly alot more than this guys
    does 🙁 I swear I eat like 5-6 times a day, I eat every 3 hours. I even eat
    double dinner, bigger than his plate. I never walk around hungry. I gain
    like 1-2 kg from the morning till I go sleep. Then I wake up and my kg’s
    dissappers. And I workout 4 times a weak, and I drink alot of water too.
    Sucks to be asian I guess.

    Been like 65 kg for months :/ (5’8 / 174cm) I would atleast be happy with 1
    kg gain :/

  6. Brian c says:

    This has to be the pussiest bulk day I’ve ever seen lol I eat 8k a day on a
    full on bulk and ur having rice cakes for a snack? Dude come on I eat rice
    cakes pre competition 

  7. nolracsemaj says:

    63g of protein all from a shake = One way ticket to Bad Guts City

  8. Zach Vanderpool says:

    I was surprised how little you ate to be honest.

  9. viewtube2100 says:

    hey bro what did u put with the chicken in the frying pan???

  10. viewtube2100 says:

    and nice vid love how u keep them simple

  11. OldschoolBoards99 says:

    whats water gonna do in bulking? waters horrible anyway, just saying

  12. Kirch21x says:


  13. junedali7861 says:

    I’m trying to bulk but I have no idea how many calories I’m eating also I
    have a High metabolism btw how many calories does a plate of rice have with

  14. ChestBeast says:

    Lol Watched the same videos on the old channel by accident 🙂 I love these
    videos Great Job Bros 

  15. Skizziie Samat says:

    nice bro! :)

  16. David Chong says:

    do you really believe in broscience? cuz half of the stuff you jus ate is
    what i avoided when i believed all that bro science stuff in the past

  17. BroScience Bodybuilding says:
  18. Tricksterize says:

    Why theong gap from breakfast to 1pm with not eating anything?

  19. BroScience Bodybuilding says:

    No problem. Thank you for watching!

  20. BroScience Bodybuilding says:

    thanks for watching! they’re good stuff. i usually don’t like meats from
    trader joe’s, but they did the italian style meatloaf right.

  21. EzRyuQ says:

    Compared to you macros for cutting damn! thats alot of carbs LOL

  22. BroScience Bodybuilding says:

    Thanks for watching!

  23. BroScience Bodybuilding says:

    haha! Hell yeah, that’s awesome. An eating video making you want to go to
    the gym though? Kind of strange, but whatever works 🙂

  24. BroScience Bodybuilding says:

    I say limit fast food because the quality of meat is important to some
    extent here as well. For example, 4 ounces of lean chicken breast that you
    cooked yourself has 20g protein (for example) and so does a hamburger from
    mcdonalds… but those proteins aren’t created equal. But like I said, if
    you have trouble putting on weight and you are more of a beginner, dirty
    bulking is okay to some extent. I did it for most of my bulking my first
    time around. You’re just going to gain more fat than clean

  25. 562gabriel says:

    great videos! i always want more i watched every video already!:) try to
    put out more videos! and do another Eat this not that. Very helpfull

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