A quick full body at home workout. Check out the PDF below for nutrition suggestions from Jim Stoppani. Thanks for Watching! Follow me on Instagram: http://instagram.com/markemiller7715 Facebook:.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses

  1. Markstubation01 says:

    Did you get any porn offers from this video?

  2. FlynnYaung says:

    I clicked on the vid cz of the thumbnail … guilty af.

  3. Jake Luxford says:

    Let’s be real, I didn’t come here to learn about working out. 

  4. Sandra Ström says:

    Finding it hard to focus lol ;)

  5. Austin Wallis says:


  6. Casper Adams says:

    Confession: i have a mini crush on MarkEMiller :-)

  7. pastrana21 says:

    This guy is really attractive :/ it makes me feel gay. 😛 

  8. BloodyPocky15 says:

    is that a bullet wound?

  9. superstubes says:


  10. andres2157 says:

    god I suck, haha the bicycle thing looks so simple and I lose all the
    rhythm after the 2-3rd round haha. I am sad.

  11. Paúl Rivas González says:

    Looks like Ethan “feeds” very well every day LMAO. HAWT!

  12. Brandyn Monstre says:

    I tried really hard to focus on the workout since I need to be more healthy
    but you’re not wearing a shirt, I’m gay and sexually frustrated, and your
    body is banging… so… Yeah. Distracting. :P

  13. Ale Blanco says:

    what about yor diet Mark?

    do you take suplements, proteins or something like that?

  14. paris dutton says:

    What happened to his chest. Looks like a gun shot wound?? 

  15. shinken13 says:

    Nice simple workout man. I have always been weary about the door mounted
    pull-up bar. I’m always afraid it will pull down the top of the door frame

  16. Bynormie G says:

    This video has push me to train hard

  17. Jono Pedersen says:


  18. Marty Martin says:

    I wanna be Ethan

  19. Daniel Lachowski says:


  20. Jon Rye says:

    nice dude …can u please do more video on how to get a six pack

  21. michael maydole says:

    Ethan you have one hot boyfriend lol haha

  22. ray a says:

    oh my gosh XOXOXOXO!

  23. Blazer2427 says:

    Nice trail. And what a bod.

  24. bersatech says:


  25. Luigui Zamora Rojas says:

    Uggghh boner

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