Full Body Dumbbell Workout

http://www.sixpacksmackdown.com Follow along as I perform a full body dumbbell workout. Workout consists of 12 exercises, and 3 sets of each exercise, making for 2 exercises per body part…
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  1. Gabriel Davidson says:

    Should be good doing this 3 times per week. Rest day in between each

  2. Wisdom Tooth says:

    thnx for an awesome workout…gasp for air….

  3. A Banks says:

    Hey, if i did this 3 teems a week. at what point and how much weight should
    i be adding? I have heard like 2.5kg per week? is that too much for DB’s?
    Im just starting out . thanks 

  4. Vahdeem Negara says:

    Thanks for the video its a nice work out however I got two questions. Im
    working as a truck driver, I get home like once or twice a month so I dont
    have this opportunity to go to gym either work out at home (once or twice a
    month which is pointless) so my work out is prety limited to dumbells and
    in a tight place ( sleeper cab) my questions are:
    1. Does any of ur exercises from the video targets at least secondary the
    abs or I’d need to add that to routine if I want get my abs as well?
    2. Is it safe to add to this routine 3 sets of 12 reps of deadlifts?

  5. Yousaf Tareen says:

    Love the way u hav done dis workout extreamly helpful n real

  6. silva tanielian says:

    great workout

  7. hihi hihi says:

    thanks but why i did not incluce warm up and stretch on this video ?

  8. Cindy Fraser-Shadbolt says:

    I had the same reaction as most to side raises when I started doing them
    about three months ago. I can now do 60/6 sets of 10. Never give up, doing
    the opposite of what you feel sometimes is doing your best favor. No matter
    how little you do or how “light” your weights are you are still doing
    better than those sitting on the couch. ( not that its bad but hope you
    catch my drift) Stay positive everyone, and great video!

  9. Ken Ballard says:

    Thanks Gab, This is awesome.

  10. Adam Menendez says:

    Brilliant video… Thanks man

  11. Stephanie Lugo says:

    Question is it okay if i don’t have a bench? 

  12. brain interpretation says:

    This + crunches is all I need. Thank you

  13. James Phimister says:

    Most realistic you tube fitness video I have seen. The leg excersice was my
    favourite. Not one edit anywhere. 

  14. silva tanielian says:

    this is good workout, how much calories do you burn?

  15. Esteban Orlando Vega says:

    great workout

  16. Stephanie Lugo says:

    Love it simple no crazy moves im typing this Durin my 30 sec break lol back
    to work thanks! 

  17. Inderpal Singh Assi says:

    What I love about this video is that:
    1) The Dumbbell workouts target all areas of the body (as the title suggest
    2) Gabriel in this video does not look like one of those users who are
    trying to get ratings but are actually making real humane video’s
    3) There is no crappy workout back ground music.
    4) There is no crappy intro video, outro video, or pathetic editing.
    Great work on the video Mr Gabriel Davidson, hope you will more video like

  18. Obbyb1 says:

    My form during back exercises is atrocious. Does anybody have tips on how
    to improve? 

  19. Evan Brosky says:

    Thanks for posting this, at the moment I can’t afford a gym membership or
    proper equipment like a power rack or olympic bench, so my only options are
    dumbbells and body weight exercises.

  20. Ruckus Jo says:

    I watch this video once a week, and I do my own workout and post it to
    Youtube, you are my weekly workout buddy! Even tho I dont know you, I feel
    like I do!! Thanks for putting together such a great workout. 

  21. Cameron Bourne says:

    When he does the side raises I just do crunches..

  22. Steve Blasi says:

    How much do the dumbbells weigh

  23. steven perez says:

    Work out dem legs some more lol

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