FTSE 100 Index – A Beginners Guide

Brought to you by http://www.HowToInvestInShares.co.uk – this video explains the FTSE 100 Index and introduces the other UK indices too. 0:31 FTSE 100 0:54 What Is An Index? 1:59 The FTSE…

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6 Responses

  1. Cafer Zorlu says:

    thank you very basic which i needed for my start.

  2. Alps P says:

    So can you purchase a share in the ftse100 ?

  3. Joseph Garbett says:

    Very helpful, thanks.

  4. MaRio DouH says:


  5. fightyourfat says:

    thanks brother subscribed hope to see more vids

  6. Andrew Peters says:

    very clear useful basics, thanks

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