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  1. vourdamis says:
  2. Ahmed Hamdy says:
  3. vourdamis says:
  4. William Brudnick says:

    I enjoyed it. Although it would have been better if I could understand what
    he was saying. Not just the accent, the delivery. This is a possibility,
    but I think I like Christopher Dunns explanation better.

  5. vourdamis says:

    It is coming…

  6. vourdamis says:

    N0,it is not,Stirling is an engine,Great Pyramid was waterpump.And such a
    big built was made not from millions slaves but from citizens for their
    nessecaties, useing 10 horses and 100 men,there is a way.

  7. ironjudas says:

    The great pyramid is the only one that was not used as a tomb. So think
    about what the guy is saying. This theory might not be entirely true, but I
    believe it was some sort of generator. NOT necessarily with water. I would
    like to add that any of you guys making fun of his accent (although it is
    kind of funny), while trying to speak greek would sound even more
    ridiculous… Pyramids actually do harness some kind of magnetic energy
    (search: pyramid magnet)

  8. ironjudas says:

    lol, tha htan dyskolo poly na mhn to katalaveis. gamei o typos. prospathei
    na skeytei e3w apo ta “dedwmena” kai diadedomena. H isoria genikotera einai
    mia megalh moufa…

  9. Darth Pincho says:

    terrible theory. not sense at all. millions time easier to put the
    generator in the river. the piramyds were electromagnetic and microwave
    generators. Tesla principle for wireless electricity transmission. Did you
    realize that the archeological sites with paintings on the walls do not
    show any carbon from torches on the ceilings. Why? because egiptians had
    electricity and light bulbs.

  10. A Singh says:

    GuardEden – actually I googled Kunkel and jvourdami’s diagrams are
    different (although [potentially derived works). You need to understand the
    nature of scientific discovery such as the fact that Newton made claims on
    Calculus that were developed before him. Do not be so judgemental and
    concentrate on the science. Jvourdamis – good post.

  11. Meta Holly says:

    @jvourdamis Well, where is it?

  12. colopity says:

    Yes, very interesting, I thought electricity was a fairly new discovery,
    like America or flying, oh well could be wrong. I only attended a state
    school. Well done on your discovery, I too, like eye8 will look forwrd to
    more of your videos.

  13. PrayingforCommunity says:

    No need for the tanks … imagine two pyramids tip to tip, with a lid over
    the bottom pyramid with a hole above the tip … suction from both pyramids
    with air and/ or water flowing in between = pressure around the edges of
    both pyramids … hot up, cold down … implosion = pressure (and many
    other beautiful things), pulling the air/water apart )) The tanks would
    work, but, not necessary ) Thanks again Peace Love Light Truth ; -) (- ;

  14. eye8one2 says:

    Etymology has no answer as to why they call them what they do. Pyramid
    broken into derivatives gives us pyr: fire & amid: in the middle. This in
    itself tells me they were machines, gave comfort/convenience w/o enslaving
    many to serve a few. Oppression/suppression of the technology kept slaves
    working for corrupt, disclosure to the masses disallowed lazy/greedy
    control, impossible to regulate & enforce tribute. Your vid gives me
    clearer insight, T/y. I know now Pyramid was giant Stirling engine.

  15. gconol says:

    Interesting idea. I believe tesla used the pyramid concept to power his
    wardenclyffe tower generating electricity from the water underground, but
    has nothing to do with pumping water.

  16. As you sow, so shall you reap says:

    I’d love to see a small scale model… You could test your theory.

  17. samiegfunk1 says:

    Wonderful model, you explained it very well. let me ask, would the
    collection tank have to be of large size with large volume to be able to
    turn the generator?

  18. vourdamis says:

    Kunkel said that ancients used fire into Kings room.I say there were tank
    outside with warm air which destroyed, no fire, no smoke,no wood only
    sun,that is my work.Tell me who I have stolen

  19. George kapas says:

    ellhnara eisai se kobw:)

  20. aiklarung says:

    this would only work to generate little power right? because, I thought
    that there could be extracted energy from volcanoes in a similar way

  21. SunPoweredHuman says:

    Yes, I like this presentation of a testable scientific theory. I would
    insert that it could still function as a pump without the external tanks
    using changing external air pressures between day and night. The purpose of
    bringing water to be energised with lifeforce would still be maintained

  22. vourdamis says:

    I do not say that ancients have electricity but how we can have NOW, from a
    system like GREAT PYRAMID .Ancients used pyramid as waterpump for their
    homes, animals, agriculture, etc

  23. vourdamis says:

    Hey wise man, do you understad my drawings really???

  24. MattBlytheTheOne says:

    hi, have you tried building a smaller scale model to see if this actually
    works? is there any evidence that there was a river under the Great
    Pyramid? great video thanks 🙂

  25. ExeFBM says:

    If they had a generator that made electricity from flowing water, wouldn’t
    it have been a lot simpler to place it in the river, and let the flow
    generate power? It would run constantly then instead of having to wait
    three days.

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