Frankie Cheap Bulking Diet

Frankie Cheap Bulking Diet

I gained 19 pounds in 11 months from this diet i do eat at buffets at least 2 times a month to shock the body (

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17 Responses

  1. Muscle Cow says:

    Shit man some serious traps!

  2. Eric Hill says:

    Two thumbs up nice video.

  3. kolila mightyjoeyoung says:

    Thanks for the tip learnd alot from your video…thanks for sharing 

  4. Gomlmon99 says:

    How many calories is this?

  5. Philip Nguyen says:

    holyyy that is the maddest poverty bulk. Would get sick of that so easily

  6. Kev in says:

    thanks good advice with the rice cooker subbed

  7. darcscorpion says:

    Legit. That is some good meals. I’m also an ectomorph so i feel the pain.
    But I’m also 5’8″ so being short always makes you look bulky. We had to eat
    cheap and fast when I was deployed.

  8. Andre Lyons says:

    LOL “… if your an ectomorph, just eat man! that’s all I really have to
    say.” Truth spoken baby. 

  9. Will Mcfarland says:

    Good video. You always seem like you’re out of breath

  10. Chris Cruz says:

    Good video!!!! 

  11. Shea Mccloskey says:

    Simple video thanks

  12. Danny Hayes says:

    Good video mate!

  13. Sean Smith says:


  14. Kc Doup says:

    Are you eating every 2 hours??

  15. powercrazy11 says:

    Eating at a buffet two times a month to shock the body… haha that had me

  16. James Hoang says:

    You sound out of breath all the time lol

  17. Yolked Nerds says:

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