Fracking explained: opportunity or danger

Fracking explained in five minutes. Fracking is a controversial topic. On the one side the gas drilling companies, on the other citizen opposed to this drilling method. Politicians are also…
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  1. Cam Brehm says:

    Fracking explained: opportunity or danger:

  2. ZiQi Wei says:

    Lol.. I was suppose to watch 3 hours of news to find out, and research my
    subject (Fracking)… All together, should’ve used around 5 hours.

    This video + 2 minute news clip = A+ Project.

  3. Corruptedmilk says:

    I like the way both pro and anti-fracking campaigners are angry at this
    video, probably because it gave a fairly neutral view on the subject,
    pointing out that it has great risks and great benefits.

  4. Merry Machiavelli says:

    Nuclear Energy all the way. Clean, safe(statistically) and practical.
    Goddamn public hysteria is killing it off. 

  5. o--Kane101--o says:

    Fuck fracking, it’s not worth it! There are safer, more sustainable energy

  6. Matthew Helm says:

    Uh how is that water digging up?

  7. koalagirl-games says:

    so is it good or bad?

  8. Vladoff        says:

    Are those 1,3k thumb downs supporting fracking?

  9. quaqmireful says:

    All in the name of money.
    Short-term gain for long-term pain.

  10. Tim Sigler says:

    No more hydraulic fracturing! Please +1 this if you agree!

  11. Kroeger Weiss says:

    the rag-tag team of conservaturds and republicunts are at it again. All
    about that short-term, temporary economic gain at the expense of the long
    term well being of humankind, let alone their own country folk, our clean
    and pristine waters and wilderness. What is it about raping mother Earth
    and building toxic plants and oil drills all over the land that gives you
    such a raging boner? You and I both know that even if you get employed by
    these unethical energy corps, it’s the big CEO up top who gets away with
    99% of the combined economic short term benefit of the entire project. It’s
    like you just want an excuse to destroy yourself and your grand children’s
    future, you fucking morons. USA and the world over would be better off in
    the long term if we invested more in clear alternative sources of energy.
    Jesus, it’s like the whole concept of self preservation is non existent
    with you assholes.

  12. Chris Huebsch says:

    Fracking explained: opportunity or danger:

  13. Mcgee Stevens says:

    Since fracking destroys the bedrock those areas will not be able to erect
    any large buildings 

  14. Eru Ilúvatar says:

    Fracking explained: unnecessary, destructive and dangerous.

  15. Charlie Walker says:

    “20,000 litres of Chemicals”

    Very specific, considering chemicals are literally everything. 

  16. Jesslee Tumamao says:

    best example of people (countries) that are enslaved by money.
    with the climate change and all, so long as it gives them shit loads of
    money, they’d do it.

    theres a lot of different ways to harness energy (free, except on the parts
    needed) but they still choose to use these methods.

  17. Rathinam Padmanaban says:

    Please Watch…

  18. WubNote says:

    we need a better energy source like solerpower somthing that can be re
    newible easaly and dosent do much with are planets atmosphere

  19. Exowelle says:

    these damn pro-development guys are just going too far, I see the reasons
    but you can’t just harm the nature like that, you won’t be able anyways to
    take the cash with you to hell

  20. DJ Marco Andre says:
  21. James Mark says:

    You indicated that the long-term hazards of fracking are unknown, yet also
    said that it was first invented in the 1940’s and that fracking has been
    used “more than one million times in the USA alone.”

    Common sense gives us a reliable means to assess whether the risks of
    fracking are acceptable: How many accidents, such as contaminated
    groundwater, have been documented. If only minor accidents have occurred,
    say, only half a dozen times, in over a million applications, then a
    rational person would conclude the risks are acceptable. This video was
    flawed by failing to discuss this obvious test as to the safety of
    fracking. Five minutes of Googling gave me the following interesting quote:

    “At a major Senate hearing earlier this year, representatives from both the
    Sierra Club and the Natural Resources Defense Council, when pressed by Sen.
    Mary Landrieu (D-La.), could not name a single confirmed case of hydraulic
    fracturing contaminating groundwater.”

  22. Jasper Büsch says:

    Great and very clear explanation of the method of fracking.. 

  23. José Gonçalves says:
  24. Fuck off liberal assholes says:

    Wrong. Countless of studies have concluded that fracking has no significant
    impact on the environment. Natural gases extracted the traditional ways are
    far more polluted. Think about it. Fracking is currently done in the USA
    and some developed countries, where laws and regulations are heavily
    enforced to keep it as clean as possible. Traditional oil and gases are, on
    the other hand, mostly produced in poor, developing and terrorist-friendly
    countries like the China, Russia, Venezuela and countries in the Middle
    East. Encouraging fracking might not save the earth but it saves lives for
    sure. Bashing fracking is helping the Arabians, the Chinese and other
    terrorists pollute the earth and kill people.

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