Food Wishes Recipes – How to Make Pie Dough – Pie Crust Recipe

Food Wishes Recipes - How to Make Pie Dough - Pie Crust Recipe

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24 Responses

  1. Pritz Angelz says:

    Can I use this for apple turnovers?

  2. sarfios says:

    Can someone tell me the ratio of the water and the vinegar? 

  3. OldManCooking says:

    Awesome Chef! :)

  4. Zelnyair says:

    I find a 4:1:1 ratio of all purpose flour, unsalted butter and lard will
    not let you down. If someone you’re making the pastry for does not eat
    pork, then use shortening instead. Just use enough cold water to bind it to
    a smooth, but not sticky, dough. That’s the shortcrust pastry recipe I know

    What I’m going to put next is the same procedure as the pastry, minus the
    liquid for binding it (not necessary here). I’m putting it because it’s
    similarly simple, and I think it’s tasty:

    4:4:3:2 ratio of all purpose flour, rolled oats, light brown sugar and
    unsalted butter, *plus* a teaspoon of ground mixed spice (though you can
    adjust depending on how much you like, or the total quantity you are
    making, as well as the spices themselves). This mixture is particularly
    good when you top sliced or stewed apples with it and bake it, (apple

  5. Jacob Vanko says:

    Wasn’t a fan of the vinegar thing. I triple checked the ratio between the
    vinegar and water… My crust smelt like vinegar and I didn’t see a
    difference in gluten formation. I baked many pies from scratch and threw
    this one out because of the vinegar. Oh well.. I suppose it was worth a

  6. Ulquiorra Michaelis says:

    Can I also use this for quiches?

  7. Tomi Oni says:

    can you use a blender

  8. Maria Evrigeni says:

    Hi, i wanna make it but in your blog i cant find this recipe to see the
    ingredients … how many water are you using? Great work by the way!

  9. hi bra says:

    So i have to wait and chill for 30 minutes?

  10. fuckthegovernment says:

    Do you narrate after you film or while filming?

  11. rockshot100 says:

    Chef, I did not know the vinegar trick, although mine comes out pretty
    light and flakey. Can you believe that they used to use Crisco???
    Actually lard is very good too! (Chef already knows that) I used to HATE
    pies, because of the frozen ones. Then I learned how to make them. You
    could make a chicken pot pie the same way, but I put the egg wash on the
    bottom too before filling, I think it helps it from getting soggy, which I
    hate raw pie dough. A lattice top with this dough would not be hard to do.

  12. Melissa Bradshaw says:

    Vinegar and water mixture? how much? where was that said? 

  13. SuPeRCIViC619 says:

    Can you use this pie dough recipe for chicken pot pie too? Or is it too

  14. Rosel Joan Vallar says:

    Can someone tell me the name of the music here ? I can’t find on the Kavin
    Macleod website! Please reply ASAP!

  15. Jennifer Mayer says:

    Do you have the link to your mums keylime pie? Thanx!

  16. seriousjumprole says:

    I’ve seen some recipes before and they only use water for the dough. Why
    did he used vinegar in the crust?? what does the vinegar actually do?

  17. Lena Grover says:

    Hi chef! I do not own a blender or a food processor so I used a big fork to
    mix the dough. It did not turn out like your awesome pie dough (as
    expected) but it still held AND it tasted amazing! Thanks for my go-to pie
    dough recipe. :)

  18. Roxana Mendez says:

    Can somebody tell me how much water. Please

  19. SqueezeCovers1 says:

    Made it tonight. Fantastic recipe. Worked perfectly.

  20. pimikiaji says:


  21. Mike P says:

    Hey Chef John, I love you channel. Of course your videos give me a bit of a
    challenge as I live in the back of beyond with a wood burning stove and an
    old bread oven that I am trying to renovate at the moment, so, turning your
    masterpieces into meals is a fun exercise, however, I can say that more
    often than not I am successful enough to eat the creations 🙂 Thanks for
    the inspiration :)



  23. Sweetkattekop says:

    Hello chef John,I’ve just had a bite of my apple pie with your pie crust
    recipe and it’s delicious.Super easy to make.Very flaky like you’ve said.My
    go-to pie dough recipe for sure.How many gramms or ounces of sugar would
    you suggest to add to make it a bit more sweet?Thank you Chef.

  24. Phyllis Sporing says:

    I have to try this crust and your cronuts recipe. Like you use vinegar in
    the water, my daughter uses Vodka in her pie crusts. She says the alcohol
    evaporates and helps make the crust flakey. Love your video’s and your
    voice is so relaxing. 

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