Food Costs Formula: How to Calculate Restaurant Food Cost Percentage

What is the food cost formula and how can you use it to calculate your restaurants food cost percentage. I will explain everything you need to know about food costing in this video. As a…
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  1. jaykingboxing says:

    Hi great informative video. I’m majoring in hospitality and tourism and my
    parents own a business and want to take it to a professional level.
    Currently our sales have gone down due to our luiqor license being removed
    since it expired. I’m trying to figure out if we’re doing something wrong
    with our cost control or our prices since our product is very low. Any
    suggestion on any computer software program’s that we can use to adequately
    and accurately see our problem? We still use the pen and paper and invoices
    to track down the food coat and labor cost? It’s a mom ND pop store. 

  2. Allen Luu says:

    Where is the video to learn how to price the menu? 

  3. Roland Sylvain says:

    This is great dude, I’m writing this all down. 

  4. Norman hoffman says:

    I need help for frozen yogurt. I open the first u swirl in new york state.
    Im having a very hard time with my food cost.

  5. bilal aziz says:

    its really good

  6. johir khan says:

    So glad you enjoyed it!…………….

  7. sayeed qurbani says:

    Thanks alot for the detailed video Sir. You are great and you made it so
    simple to understand. I have also subscribed your Home Page.Hope to get
    more new learning from you this coming days. Thank you very much again

  8. jamirako05 says:

    I am glad to hear that. But im a newbie here so i dont know how. Sorry for

  9. edlyn gallardo says:

    you’re the best..
    thanks for the interesting video.. thumbs up..

  10. Grain Exchange says:

    howdy. loved your video but i have a question. how do comps, discounts and
    promotional prices factor in to food costs? how do you account for that?

  11. The Childfree Curly Girl says:

    I like you!
    Thanks for explaining so easily and effortlessly what my prof had a hard
    time getting across. Do you have a video on recipe cost? Cheers!

  12. Michael Abbott says:

    Hello Ryan. I went to and put in my first name
    and email but I don’t see a submit button. Am I doing something wrong or
    is the website malfunctioning? Thanks for all the videos and content!

  13. Usman Farooq says:

    Hi how I can get more I can get catering toll and what is it ?is
    it a book and with CD?plz explain .

  14. Silvia Luque says:
  15. robin lapuz says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this video. It is so detailed and clear. God
    bless you.

  16. tarun yadav says:

    thanks bud,,,im in process of adapting the formula you displayed.
    lets see if that works

  17. Alex Grayde says:

    dude….you are a professional instructor 

  18. damienrad says:

    Terry Pemberton,
    Those are and aren’t included in plate costs depending on the owner. Things
    like supplies, utilities and labor are processed into a Factory Overhead
    equation. You could potentially include direct labor into the plate cost
    since it took an employee to put the food/plate together. The only problem
    with that is that you’d have to base your food sales to cover the costs of
    that one person plating the food. Then you’d be stuck determining which
    employees salary or hourly pay to use in that equation, assuming you don’t
    pay every single employee the exact same dollar amount.

  19. jamirako05 says:

    with that under 60 percent, is that applicble only in a certain country
    like US or it can be use anywhere ?

  20. Marty Embry says:

    I am now a huge fan! This and all of your videos are so very helpful Ryan.
    Thank you for sharing!

  21. jamirako05 says:

    Hi..Good day sir.
    This video of you is so informative and gives me a lot of ideas.
    Just want to ask if there’s such any standard on how will i set a food cost
    For example is for a food cart ?
    Thanks and more power.

  22. bustos4242 says:

    Great Info! Thanks!

  23. Dametrius Munerlyn says:

    I am a recent graduate from culinary school and I am planning on opening my
    own restaurant in the near future. I just wanted to say thank you for this
    video and I will be visiting your site.

  24. QTP Films says:


  25. julienyanelle says:

    gracias,thank you,mercy.I am tryingto set up myown restauran and I am sooo
    stocked in this part.I will got through all your videos several times as I
    really find your information PRACTICAL and REALISTIC! really txs

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