Food Challenge – Saint’s 10 Slider Burger Challenge!!

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25 Responses

  1. guibox3 says:

    How come you don’t do these ‘location description/”‘keep watching to find
    out” narrations’ anymore like you used to, Randy? 

  2. Michael Jerk says:

    Furious pete would wreck atlas

  3. conrad koehl says:

    I want fries

  4. Madbull29 says:

    Matt stonie and Furious Pete, like 3 min they would smash this.

  5. jchaaaaapz says:

    I think the sliders got the better of Bo as after about 5 he confused the
    sliders for ‘the decks’ and started ‘mixing the decks’ with a couple of

  6. Ronald Kirk says:

    Take a shit challenge 

  7. Skyn Musstash says:

    what a loser that bob flores guy is….

  8. hmong yang says:

    Is it just me, does this guy sound like Dexter Morgan, from Dexter?

  9. WhiteEmerald1991 says:

    10 minutes isn’t enough. 30 minutes at least. 20 minutes maybe.

    I don’t like those type of quick time challenges. I guess because im not
    good at it lol. I wish all challenges were not timed at all and see who can
    eat the whole thing instead of who ate it the fastest. 

  10. Phillip Witt says:

    im so hungy :(

  11. MrDard123 says:

    thats insane

  12. Julio Leyva says:


  13. you nub says:

    always wanted to know what sliders were…and you finished them in 8
    minutes. wow ! go buddy !

  14. OufCompletement says:

    Street of Rage music ?

  15. Maximus Reese says:

    Yeah the steroids and pro eating stance will mean early social security
    which the rest of will pay for. Eat that donut Pyle!!!! We paid for it!!
    You eat it!!

  16. Angela F says:

    Go Atlas! OMG this may be a challenge for most people I’m not done with the
    video yet but I know Atlas can do it. My money is on Atlas.

  17. Zaekk says:

    Man could you imagine one of them getting punched in the gut immediately?
    He might end up spewing all over after the eating competition. Bleck I say
    fight then eating competition.

  18. TimMHughes says:

    So, question; Is there anything you won’t eat in a food challenge? Also,
    are you allergic to something that keeps you from doing certain challenges?

  19. Deejay Cruz says:

    I dare you to go against Furious Pete

  20. thatswhatisaidyeah says:

    i love the music and graphics, reminds me of the 80’s….

  21. unionrdr says:

    Atlas & Pete would def be the clash of the titans.

  22. SateHap says:

    No he should do a Trio Eating Challange with Muscles Glasses and Furious
    Pete on EMT.

  23. João Gabriel says:

    you and furious pete should fight

  24. Hook Bastard says:

    Eating comp then fight i say.

  25. Frenchie says:

    yeah, all that food will shoot up afterwards.

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