Focus Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Will Smith, Margot Robbie Movie HD

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25 Responses

  1. MOVIECLIPS Trailers says:

    Will Smith is back!

    Here’s the New Trailer for the Romantic Crime-Comedy ‘Focus’.

  2. Onyi noyi says:

    Lol I just love youtube comments and how they never have anything to do
    with the video 

  3. the60sKid says:

    Ok, Who left the door unlocked on the White Supremacist cage AGAIN?

  4. Cornelia Hanimann says:

    Wow…I saw the movie, it was nice and I wanted to see te trailer and went
    to the comment section to see people discussing how the trailer is
    confusing and how it is giving away important parts of the movie, people
    talking about how good margot is, like seriously, she’s not just a pretty
    face, she actually can act very well. I was expecting haters and people
    that read to much into a trailer and then- I read the comments and how
    they’re talking about racism and stuff just because they picked a couple
    that has a white and a black person in it? Like wtf, do times ever actually
    change? I guess humans will always be humans and it’s always going to be
    like that, isn’t it…

  5. Somebody Lovesyou says:

    I’m a black woman and nothing is wrong about Will’s love interest being
    white. It’s funny how some white people always say blacks always blaming
    white people but y’all stay blaming the Jews for y’all problems and how
    Jews have some type of Anti White propaganda. Just hush lol this is why no
    one takes y’all reverse racism argument seriously lol

  6. Nick Jaos says:

    I just LOVE reading how angry white boys get every time they see a hot
    white female with a Black man.

  7. Tyler Johns says:


    Absolutely nothing wrong with black people being with white people.

    Lol racists man.

  8. Robert LC - Digital Artist says:

    Reading the comments (and the ‘likes’) it’s clear Hitler, if he were to
    live today, would’ve no problem gaining the support and power all over

  9. Christian Sandoval says:

    I hope one day all racist people will dead , and the world would be a
    better place.

  10. Jason Christian says:

    Lol racist people on you tube are funny!! Get a life people it’s a movie!!

  11. Marcus McCloud says:

    Why are there so many racist comments in 2015?
    Being against interracial couples is not progressive but it is ignorant

  12. Dwinita P says:

    Entertaining !


  13. Anzu Futaba says:

    When are people going to have enough of this garbage and kick the Jews out
    of the US for trying to genocide whites via forced assimilation? Enough is
    enough, push them into the ocean! 

  14. Woozle Hypertwin says:

    I’m resharing this here just to add my own voice in opposition to the
    racist idiocy on YouTube. (From the point-of-view of those looking at
    YouTube, it’ll look like just another comment on the video, but it’s
    actually a G+ reshare. Trust me on this… or go to this link, if evidence
    means anything to you:

    So, all y’all idiot racists out there — I guess 50 years of progress since
    the civil rights movement has meant nothing? Uhura kissed Kirk in vain? Or
    were you even aware of that? You’d happily ban “miscegnation” and have the
    Lovings arrested?

    Call yourself what you want, but you are not part of *my* America.

  15. TBE Tim says:

    Notice how all the hate comments are only coming from the MALES? Lol, its
    obviously clear that they are jealous of us and see us as a BIG THREAT.
    Lol, they already know that they are not serious competition to us. Lol,
    upset that we are desired by their women more than they are. Lol, little
    insecure men who come on youtube to make themselves feel better hahaha.

  16. K.K. Pistolli says:

    One Con after another lessons learned stay focused so you never lose …
    becoming the next Vic ( victim ). Trailer Focus with Will Smith the
    Seasoned Master Con-Man chance meeting 🙂 with Margot Robbie yesss the
    bride of the Wolf on Wall Street the dastardly duo.
    New Orleans Super Bowl best the Oriental dude double or nothing talking
    millions the girl picks the # out of every football players both team
    jerseys. Yesss Sympathy for the Devil pick that # what’s your favourite?
    LoL Totally Amazing the subconscious that perfect Vic. Time to part goodbye
    or is it ??
    3 years later Buenos Aires Grand Prix race car circuit the conman Will
    Smith and the team plot with owners … Discretion is always the word love
    this drama wow what a party room when who struts down the spiral staircase
    in a smoking red dress yesss :). Always an issue of trust at work or
    playing ummm whom can you trust ? Also that eternal question can you really
    go back but friends like you who needs luck … Fabulous line and good
    movie full of twists and turns.
    Spoiler if you picked #55 that’s the number.
    Have a wonderful Wednesday Google + friends.

  17. Ruth K says:

    Some people reeaaally shouldn’t have access to the internet. Jews pushing
    race mixing? Race mixing being EVIL? I just came to find out what this
    movie is about and was bombarded on the comment section by people who
    clearly don’t have a grasp on the concept of racism, much less America’s
    history with racism, and can’t see their own ignorance for the life of
    them. The worst part is knowing that there are children (or anyone younger
    that 13) that came to watch a trailer and had this reverse racism thrust
    upon them. Seriously, this is why the rest of the world hates the U.S. Why
    is such a small percentage of the comments about the actual movie/trailer?
    This is ridiculous. I’m turning off my computer.

  18. Jonathan Jo Nathan says:

    WHITE PEOPLE STARTED RACE MIXING!! To all the Whites on here catching rage
    over this movie, WHERE WERE YOU when Black female slaves were being raped
    almost every day by White men? Where was you when American soldiers were
    raping women in Japan? then in Vietnam? And then in

    And for my Black brothers and sisters, yes race mixing IS an unnatural
    behaviour! Don’t be fooled into thinking this movie is to get back at the
    White man. Race mixing will destroy you too. In nature creatures don’t do
    anything that does not benefit their own survival. Red squirrels and grey
    squirrels can mix but it almost NEVER happens. Same with donkeys and the
    zebra. Lions and tigers. All capable of mixing but never do. Except in
    human controlled experiments, which is to say in unnatural environments.
    Just like this country today, the United Snakes of America is an UNNATURAL

    You want to mix because you still have a SLAVE MENTALITY! You want some of
    your masters DNA. Slaves do not protect their DNA! Slaves serve their
    masters, you want to help pass on your masters DNA. STOP THINKING LIKE A
    SLAVE! Love your Black man. Love your Black woman!

  19. RobertsDigital says:

    Racist people are the greatest watchers of interracial sex……this
    comment section is evidence

  20. Blue Collar Men Productions says:

    literally someone said push race mixing? and it got over 30 thumbs ups??? I
    thought racism was like gone? What is going on?

  21. Frances Stacey says:

    I came to this page to watch a really good film trailer and instead I’ve
    been forced to witness really hurtful comments about race-mixing. Why does
    it even matter, you should be with whoever you want to be with! I am mixed
    race and my boyfriend is white, does that matter? NO. are we bothering
    anyone? NO. For goodness sake, it’s 2015 can everyone just grow up and
    get over this now, it’s really upsetting to read such racist comments that
    should be completely irrelevant. This looks like a good film and that’s
    what these comments should be about. 

  22. Barry Desborough says:

    Why do so many people shit their in knickers about couples, one of which
    has a dark complexion, and one of which has a light one? It’s lunacy.

  23. HorridDave says:

    So many racist cunts in the comment section!
    They’re too stupid to wait and judge the film once they’ve seen it.

  24. Quiana D says:

    When watching the whole movie, pay attention & listen. Don’t blink

  25. Sara Zifcakova says:

    This is trully the besy movie ever ever!!! ♡♡♡♡♡

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