Foam Roller Exercises | 15 Minute Full Length Full Body Routine Home Workout Video

Get the foam roller I’m using here: Try our Dynamic Stretch Routine Next! GET OUR “YOGA STRETCH FOR BEGINNERS AND BEYOND” ON DVD: …
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24 Responses

  1. jessicasmithtv says:

    Don’t miss this week’s brand new @youtube episode – a 15-Minute Foam
    Rolling Routine for your entire body:

  2. Jennifer Pearson says:

    I needed this one today. My calves have been so tight the last few days as
    I’ve gotten back into exercise, and as it turns out, all my muscles needed
    it. I don’t use my foam roller often at all – I bought it on the
    recommendation of my massage therapist. This video motivated me to get it
    out and use it. I definitely learned some new things from your video.

  3. Rita Galas says:

    Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I feel wonderful…Been too long for me
    too..Made funny little squeaky noises throughout both sets.I think I
    remember howling one or two times…I think I can “pour” myself into an
    hour of yoga now…Bless your li’l heart…

  4. Randi Lui says:

    I have recently started to use a roller for my IT band (jumpers knee) and
    this video is exactly what I needed. Thank you! I have been trying to use
    it after every work out and it is nice to know more of what I can do with

  5. Liz Beardmore says:

    I don’t have a foam roller so made use of my yoga bolster and therapy balls
    – but intend to buy one, having seen how useful it can be. Happy Valentines
    and thank you Jessica x

  6. Rita Galas says:

    I can’t believe you posted a roller video!! I was seriously just standing
    in my kitchen thinking what a great thing that would be to do today..Thanks
    much..ROLL BODY ROLL!

  7. Jennifer Lufman says:

    I had never tried foam rolling before, so I was excited to try it with you!
    My husband got a foam roller as a recommendation, but never uses it. Now
    I’ll know what to do with my sore spots! Liked using it on my upper back
    the best.

  8. Robin Spano says:

    This routine ROCKS. Thank you! Perfect timing, too–had crazy sore muscles
    (quadriceps especially)–and now feel way more limber.

  9. Coral Russell says:

    I’ve started using a lot of your workouts since my physical limitations
    have made it so I have to back down to non-impact/low-impact. Thank you so

  10. Chris Smith says:

    Please do more full length walking videos. I really enjoy those!

  11. Coochicoo says:

    Really thought Peanut was a pig for a second.

  12. Maria V says:

    I would love a mat workout with butt/thigh/leg exercises with no squats and
    lunges i need some inspiration for our booty workout class

  13. Kay Tee says:

    Wow, I never tried a foam roller before, but I will definitely be using it
    again. I spent a while after you finished working out how to roll into some
    of the other muscles where I was feeling tightness. It really helped.

  14. Joyfulmomof6 says:

    I am going to try this tomorrow. Thank you.
    I made that adorable picture of Peanut in the pink sweatshirt my Valentine
    screen saver on my computer.

  15. Bobbie Evans says:

    You are wonderful. Just bought my foam roller last night. I have been
    looking up videos on how to use it. Then wallah. You posted this today.

  16. Marnie Carlson says:

    my husband gave me a foam roller for Valentines day so I tried for the
    first time today and found A LOT of knots on my lower back, caves and
    quads………..thinking I will be using this A LOT!!!!!!!!! 

  17. Sherry Lynne says:

    Just did this, and boy am I relaxed! I didn’t realize I had so much tension
    in my muscles. I feel limp! Thanks for the video!

  18. hilldiggity says:

    Just an FYI, you can buy these at Target.

  19. Christinia Bell says:

    This was slightly uncomfortable at times (as you said it would be), but I
    didn’t realize how tight my quads actually were until I did this. The
    tension that was released while doing this was amazing. My legs were very
    happy. :)

  20. Joyfulmomof6 says:

    Did this today to round off the first week of the Spring Challenge. Every
    time I do this, I think to myself “Why don’t I do this more?” It’s so great
    for a quiet Sunday morning before yoga or another gentle stretch

  21. A Wholesome Approach says:

    Sometimes, a good foam roll is just the thing the body needs. Thanks to
    Jessica Smith TV, there’s an accessible video for that!

  22. Velvajean Trapp says:

    A little sore in spots, but this was great!

  23. Kelly Crookston says:

    I love foam rolling. I’m so glad you made a video on this :))

  24. lisa brickles says:

    brilliant?? I too was thinking about one of these workouts can’t wait

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