Flying through Iraq thunderstorm

This is a video of my crew and I flying through a thunderstorm over Iraq. We had the storm to our left and Iran to our right so we really had nowhere to go. It’s the scariest moment I’ve…

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  1. Matt Adrik says:

    If this were a commercial flight, I’d be in the back screaming my ass off!

  2. Noah Giles says:

    I don’t know man… I almost called bullshit and then I read the
    description one more time. My ass would have been hanging halfway in Iran
    😉 The guy in the back had no idea how bad that could have gone. Glad you
    guys made it…..

  3. GTRPrime says:

    Thank you for sharing

  4. Dirk Hoekstra says:

    Geezz, that is crazy. What aircraft are you flying? Military or Commercial?

  5. Heather stubbs says:

    I’m totally blind, so I wouldn’t know how rough it was, but just out of
    curiosity, would you happen to know what was the longest and the farthest
    drop? I remember a flight I took in 1971, and while coming in to Chicago,
    we hit severe turbulance. The sewardesses actually had to remove shoes
    that could come off our feet One drop was so fast I had absolutely no
    ability to hold on to the arm rests. In just 1 drop, we fell 6,000 ft. in
    10 seconds. I didn’t think it could happen, but I did verify it, and I
    found out that airplanes can fall up to fifteen times faster than normal
    gravity. If I hadn’t had to fly an hour and a half later, I wouldn’t have
    willingly flown again.

  6. TrunkMonkey3000 says:

    Is that St Elmo’s fire in the video? I have no idea about this weather
    phenomenon and this was the only video on youtube I could find. Seems very
    fascinating and probably quite scary in person!

  7. Rhondalove says:

    I am glad you guys survived. With all the technology we have, I wonder that
    scientists have not invented some device to soak up and store all these
    excess charges.

  8. Adam A says:

    fark that!

  9. Geno says:

    amazing video.

  10. ajmarcus26 says:

    This is cool

  11. HogSnot says:

    You have to set pressurization? What are you in – a B29? Thought that would
    be automatic.

  12. Abdullah says:

    where were u flying to/from? how come u can’t fly over iran ?

  13. magenABC says:

    Lol at the end I ment (our plane also got struck by lightning)

  14. precioso canete says:

    nice video!

  15. airmotojh says:


  16. manifestgtr says:

    glad to see some honesty in the armed forces admitting how scared this
    situation made you…i admire you for that man

  17. EuropaBloke says:

    Awesome Vid! Although, Lighting routinely hits airliners with no ill
    effects. Also, ‘turbulence could break the plane” I believe is incorrect,
    as the testing these planes go through is Insane. The way these planes are
    built, I don’t believe it’s possible for them to break just from
    turbulence. Stress fractures over years from turbulence? yes, but
    immediately, no. Must still have been scary though haha

  18. hegemoniac says:

    If it looks fake to you, keep in mind the majority of what you’re probably
    interpreting as lightning is actually electrostatic discharge happening
    directly on the windows and skin of the aircraft.

  19. AK74inCali says:

    HA HA! I love the training video.

  20. Ray Pastora says:

    @garst24 See the response above.

  21. YorkshireForever101 says:

    looks really cool

  22. StupidIdiot12345 says:

    I would imagine this is what Darth Vader sees from the inside of his helmet
    when he’s shooting force lightning. You know I’m right.

  23. gp5 says:

    Damn nature, you scary!

  24. SagothBaal says:

    you should get that on the tube!

  25. lombizzle13 says:

    ive never seen so much lightning in my life.

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