FLYING SAUCER — The future of transportation . Part 3

Meet Alfred Carrington. For the last 30 years he was working on his Flying Saucer with a dream of improving the world of transportation. Watch all the parts of this video to fully understand…
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25 Responses

  1. solararity says:

    good man, your prototype looking magnificent :)

  2. Slimzie Ray says:

    Keep it up man. You will definatly get there. Am working on thesame project
    too. One from Mars.

  3. thevancouverguy says:

    Less about your middle class think tank (which is the goofiest thing I have
    ever heard) and more about your actual idea and how it works. First of all,
    a bunch of low skill factory workers are not more intelligent than highly
    educated engineers/scientist/mathematicians/etc.. in Silicon Valley.
    Because a bunch of monkeys that throw cars together know alot about cars
    doesnt make them qualified to speak or do anything else. Think tank my ass.
    Try monkeys grunting at each other. Roughly the same level of intellectual
    output. Doesnt take intelligence to work in a car factory, just hard labor.
    It is a low skill job. No offense, but it would more accurately be called
    the “Not so much thinking going on tank”. Honestly i feel sorry for this
    guy. He is wasting his life and money. If he spent a little time going an
    getting at least a high school level education he would realize all the
    flaws his in ideas. If alot more of these wannabe scientist who have no
    education would spend some of there time getting some books and taking some
    classes, they would get alot farther in there life. Hell, maybe even come
    up with real workable devices. Not inventions that will never work because
    they misunderstand fundamental and basic laws of physics/nature

  4. Slimzie Ray says:

    While it hasn’t been done is simple, NASA wants to be silent a long time so
    that after his death they can make the flying saucer and patent it to their
    own name. And says it was them who invented it. Just as they have always
    done to other inventions in America. The FUCKING FAKE JEWS

  5. Forever young says:

    Great Job!Keep up good work!

  6. John Oswald says:


  7. Zekerias Varg says:

    Tesla did it in the 1800 ies. Use later discovered Biefeld Brown effect.

  8. Thomas Hopkins says:

    I like this guy! He should team up with a bunch of other people that are
    working on the same thing so he can get it done faster!

  9. Leo J. Nesuahecner says:

    18 months after you bought your maybach.

  10. Leo J. Nesuahecner says:

    Garbage. Poor mans dreams. Never fly.

  11. Gude Balm says:

    Talk is cheap. No mention in the U.S. Government Patent Office, no patent,
    patent number, nothing to verify any of this is true.

  12. vincenzo esposito says:

    i think its a good theory compressed air also water nasa as machinery
    alimentate on air and water jet for propelling so they keep that hided in
    the shad coz the oil and they the only aloud to make engines working that
    way as you are saying

  13. tubebility says:

    +HUBBABUBBA DOOPYDOOP *”I say SOMEONE invent a device that combines a
    Short-Wave HAM radio- with a DSL modem”*

  14. don logsdon says:

    all I can say is show me the proof, show a working craft that you made with
    your ideas, one that will do as you have stated, ill be waiting.

  15. Vilicus3 says:

    He speaks the very truth on the Mindtank by the middle class. 

  16. wtciiictw says:

    What happened to Part 2?????

  17. tubebility says:

    Where is “Part 2” ?

  18. Drew Davidson says:

    Get in touch with Elon Musk whatever you do please get this out there
    someone will believe in you. Elon Musk would be one of those people

  19. Willie Bill says:

    Take your same idea, and put to ground transportation, you might stand a
    chance, but every day people flying, NO WAY. When pigs fly, this might

  20. Drew Davidson says:

    Anyone that says these innovative ideas is truly ignorant. Have you tried
    contacting Elon Musk please do. These are things he lives to see come to

  21. Aaron Davila says:

    ok so hes been working on this for 30 years and the only thing hes really
    done is that stupid half ass ufo overgrown with grass??? this guy and his
    idea arent going anywhere.

  22. jesua rivera says:

    Go to shark tank


  23. Willie Bill says:

    It will never fly, can you emagin people flying aircraft around, the same
    one’s that drive cars? it would not be safe to step outside,Compleat morons
    flying aircraft that drive car’s I DONT THINK SO, never in a thousand

  24. B M says:

    Why have they pulled part 2 it seems as if it may have contained some
    valuable information, this invention is not only theoretically possible,
    but can be easily assembled with available resource.

  25. Jude Arias says:

    car battery. so how can he know about reverse gravity and shit. car battery
    around 30 to 50 pounds. this guy says ” ummm ,ummmm umm, a lot of pounds a
    lot of ponds”. just become an artist or get a girlfriend if you want

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