Five things you need to know about GTA 5 on PC

Grand Theft Auto 5’s PC version was originally scheduled to come out late last year. Rockstar delayed it to January and then delayed it for a second time to the end of March. Our bodies are…

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25 Responses

  1. GravyWavey says:

    What are all these console peasants doing here? This is a PC related

  2. Plebola Pandemic says:

    Zoomin confirmed filthy console peasants.

  3. Mr.Zombicik says:

    no extra stuff? ehm ehm mods… TONS OF FUCKING MODS… 

  4. Whiting1289 says:

    What the fuck is an I See Enhancer Mod? Surely they mean iCEnhancer mod?

  5. Skilled 1203 says:

    Two things

    1. It’s ice enhancer not “I see” XD

    2. Why are there even console players commenting jealous comments on here,
    this is for pc master race only.

  6. Kyle McHale says:

    You forgot number 6, it will be delayed again

  7. AValveFanboy says:

    Oh, what’s that, pathetic console peasants? You’re mewling because your one
    valid defence of consoles, that being exclusives, is now crumbling before
    you as the PC master race proves once again that it is unstoppable?

  8. venomtail1 says:

    Still haven’t played it, I’m waiting, I haz patience 

  9. Swag Yolo says:

    they always delay pc versions because they make it BEAUTIFUL (no bugs,
    glitches etc. etc.)

  10. Preston Deapes says:

    I don’t give a shit, all PC players are going to be a fucking hunchback
    when they are older XD

  11. GreenHouseM13 says:

    1- Delaying the game? They give us a free game and i can wait 2 or 3 months
    2- Extra content? The mods are the extra content.
    3- 4k and triple monitors… More quality than the PS4 and Xbox ONE, that
    solve the number 1 too.
    4- Video editor, only for PC, yes 🙂
    5- Number 2, mods, mods and mooooore mods

    PC>My PC>Your PC>My PC again>PS4

  12. Josh Sherer says:

    Am I able to transfer my ps3 stats to pc or no ??? PLEASE HELP

  13. AlexAFC says:

    How well will i be able to run this game on my PC please?
    CPU: Intel Core i5 4670K Quad Core 3.40 GHz
    GPU: AMD HD 7950
    RAM: 8GB

    Thanks in advance.

  14. Heidi Fischer says:

    honestly who the fuck cares i’ve beaten it twice on ps3 and it just got
    boring after the first year. But paying full price for a 2 year old game?
    lol yeah no sorry some graphic improvement isn’t gonna cut it

  15. Georgia Wingett says:

    I face palmed when she said no extra content 

  16. Ookami inazuma says:

    my only question is why the crap was it delayed for so dam long

  17. Xlnt Monkey says:

    I’m not getting GTA 5 for PC because I don’t have a gaming PC, and even if
    I did, it would be a waste of money because I already got it for PS4.

  18. MsDasaw says:

    No extra content?! Does that mean the heists mission won’t be released on

  19. LtCWest says:

    Im actually happy for the delay, for two reasons.
    One, I can actually finish flight school before the release.
    Two, it won’t be as bug riddled as the console releases.

  20. Paddzr says:

    4k resolution is nothing special since its just resolution, not textures.
    Shame as i have the resources to drive it at 4k.

    And the true reason the game is delayed is because of their fiscal year, it
    ends on 21st of March so their 2015 reports will have gta 5 in it, for the
    third time in a row.

    But i can wait, it’s not the only game in the world. 

  21. Shlomo Shekelbergsteinowitz says:


    Suck it console fanboys.

  22. DemonicWaffle says:

    Hey PC “Master Race” fanboys
    We don’t care about your “superior” gaming platform.
    We all know PC is better, but that doesn’t mean you have to bash on the
    consoles calling those players, peasants and constantly boast about your
    super powerful computer. No one cares….

  23. Jerry Hankins Jr says:

    one thang i really want to know is that do you get the duke of death on pc?

  24. Johan Karlsson says:

    MAn, I hate that voiceover. Who’s idea was it to have an annoying voice
    that says everything so weirdly? Also, I See Enhancer? Dislike… -.-

  25. eddy friday says:

    didnt know people still played games on pc, what is this? 2006?

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