Five people who should be dead but aren’t – This is Genius

Five people who should be dead but aren't - This is Genius

Just to clarify, this video isn’t about people who are alive but we think should be dead. Instead, it’s a list of people who’ve gone through things that absolutely should have killed them,…

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  1. This Is Genius says:

    Five people who should be dead but aren’t –

    Just to clarify, this video isn’t about people who are alive but we think
    should be dead. Instead, it’s a list of people who’ve gone through things
    that absolutely should have killed them, and came out the other side to
    tell the tale. From giving birth and having brain surgery at the same time,
    to spending two months after a plane crash living on a snowy mountainside,
    and even Croatian music teacher Frane Selak, who simply refuses to die –
    here are five people who should be dead, but aren’t.

  2. Breaking Art says:

    This guy survived both Atomic bombings of Japan in WW2

  3. Fletcher DeMaine says:

    #2 should have gotten together for a BBQ.

  4. Art Rice says:

    How about telling the genius introducer to (SHUT UP ) he is very annoying. 

  5. Yexel Khyle Fraginal says:

    The car hit me when im only 6 but I’m still alive

  6. Jan Sten Adámek says:

    I think there should have been Vesna Vulovic instead of Juliana Koepcke.
    After her plane was bombed by a terrorist group and the tail section was
    torn off, she fell more than 10 000 meters. The decompression and fall
    injured her very badly (all the rest on board were killed instantly) but
    the first person who get to the crash site used to be German army medic so
    he knew what to do. She still holds the Guinness Record for the highest
    free fall without a parachute.

  7. Eren Jaeger says:

    It’s like god wanted these people to live

  8. Bryce Kroll says:

    i think the last guy is the inspiration for final destination

  9. Mannerless Entertainment says:

    Also how did you manage to leave out Hitler’s 37 assassination attempts…

  10. lessthanaveragegamer says:

    Im surprised Louis Zamperini isn’t on this list somewhere. He survived
    after a horrible plane crash when his B24 bomber lost power to the #1 and
    #2 engines and slammed into the pacific ocean during WWII. he then survived
    47 days on a raft only to be captured by the japanese and tortured for the
    rest of the war. truly amazing. someone wrote a book about him its called
    “unbroken” you should check it out.

  11. alex ortuno says:

    I got hit by a car once then somehow a plane crashed on top of me but I
    still survived?

  12. Omega8kilo says:

    Holy 5 head. Hahaha

  13. fullmetalfunk says:

    Frane Selak’s story is just insane. I remember reading about him in a
    Cracked article one time. His entire life is a Final Destination movie.

  14. StarrySky says:

    Wow, that frank guy is a bad luck! We better avoid him when using any sort
    of public transport in Croatia! 

  15. isaiahthebudder king says:

    that last guy had the worst life in the world lol

  16. tobelleys1968 says:
  17. Blake Hutto says:

    yep, i shouldn’t be here right now, no troll. i was in a bad car accident
    when i was 16, in 2012. but here i am now. 

  18. daniel russell says:

    the first one was crap is is just simple physics the f 15 was providing so
    much thrust that it just became a rocket 

  19. Harry Barro says:

    God wanted that number 1 guy dead so bad xD hahahahhaha!

  20. nemesis superhero says:

    That frane is a challenge to the death, same like kratos

  21. Neon Ghost says:

    i can hear ziv like
    “hey this plane is a bit floppy,anything wrong?
    co-pilot”i have no clue”

  22. Chris Leech says:

    Alright thats it, after three of your episodes, I have reluctantly decided
    to subscribe. Really excellent and bite sized docs that are packed full of
    great stuff that anyone should be apprised of. Good works here people. :-)

  23. Modzy24productions says:

    would you ever spend the night over a canabal’s house?

  24. George Skinner says:

    What about Makenzie Wethengton? The girl that parachuted without a working

  25. BullseyeBullsclaw says:

    What the heck, “invaders” in double inverted commas really? You do know
    that they are surrounded by hostiles on all sides, and are constantly
    attacked and have “invaders” trying to get in the country right?

    What’s with the anti-Semtism? I mean I know you’re a Brit and these days,
    it’s full of muslim immigration, but seriously? PS, I am an immigrant
    myself, and have noticed this agenda.

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