Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 – DEATH MONTAGE

Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - DEATH MONTAGE

Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 Playlist: FNAF 2 deaths. I think I got all the animatronic deaths in there! Remember to Like! Thanks! PLAYLISTS –…
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25 Responses

  1. rainbowbronypony says:

    the problem with fnaf 2 is that there are two many to keep track of. it
    kind of takes away from the shock of trying to find them all. and the
    animatronic kill screen is just…. meh. scott could have used the extra
    time to make this better. sooooo much better. i mean, we weren’t even
    expecting it until Christmas. very disappoint.

  2. HarshlyCritical says:
  3. Jessa Marie Cervantes says:

    Better next time 🙂 Tip: If a Animatronic is in your office QUICKLY WEAR
    YOUR MASK if balloon boy is in the blind spots put the mask if any
    animatronics is in the blind spot vents do the mask and if foxy is in the
    hallway flash him 2-4 or 6 times ok?

  4. Horror stricken me. says:

    The first death in this video will always be my fave

  5. The Critical Squid says:

    Imagine one death where you’re wearing the mask and one of the animations
    sticks his fingers through the eyeholes and blinds you. 

  6. Bill McKelvey says:

    Thank you for including Golden Freddy in this video, John. I almost had a
    heart attack.

  7. Elijah Reliford says:

    The animatronic screams were a bit more disturbing in the first compared to
    the death audio in this

  8. GeeknGood says:

    Read more (67 lines)

  9. atticus says:

    Oh god its a death montage, the kids coming here will be fun.

  10. Cloe'sUniverse says:

    Not joking like I have never seen someone that saw so many rare screens.

  11. Emma Newgate says:

    I shouldn’t have taken it off (I shouldn’t think about it)…damn it!! I
    should have taken it off!@

  12. Garcarius Von Gärquen says:

    I am the only one who thinks golden freddy’s jumpscare is kinda silly?
    It remind me to “extreme close-up!”

  13. AbushGamers says:

    five nights at freddy’s 2 sucks really bad, the graphics and sound of the
    jumpscares sucks instead of the first one

  14. Brσηzє Fєℓιχ says:

    I swear, in some parts of this video your so slow at putting on the mask XD
    but these were try’s and at least you were trying in the parts when you

  15. LauKungPow says:

    GOALDIN FREADYYYYY!!11!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Caleb Schmiedicke says:

    +HarshlyCritical 2:33 these guys are getting more annoying than scary!

  17. Kairon Hadden says:

    I want to tell everybody that the first time I got killed by mangle was
    night 1 12am

  18. Critical Ant says:

    I like how, in your videos, your reaction seems…
    normal. I mean you jump, but you don’t fall out of your chair into a
    seizure, like (as you mentioned in your other comment) a billion other
    youtubers do.

  19. Giada Barricelli says:

    foxy just wants a hug ;-;

  20. hup2thepenguin says:

    Did you ever encounter the Bare Endoskeleton? I’ve only watched up to night

  21. The Illuminati says:

    whats so special about golden freddy

  22. Bill Hobbs says:

    i love you budder freddy b-budder freddy

  23. Diana Jones says:

    00:10 whats that figure ?(right before foxys jumpscare)
    But you need to get it just right

  24. טומי נזרי says:

    BB is screm funk you

  25. EighthFormula2 says:

    Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 – DEATH MONTAGE:

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