Finding land for a tiny house

how to find land for a tiny house.
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  1. jknocal says:

    I have purchased land off ebay for very cheap . just a thought

  2. Victoria Lee says:

    Thank you. I like your channel. Nice video (:

  3. Greg Gilmore says:

    Well put, thank you.

  4. LightPaige says:

    Totally awesome advice, thank you!

  5. Margaret Waters says:

    I have a really big question for you.
    How does a women, by her self, go about doing this and satisfy safety

  6. WeLoveLightly4You says:

    This was extremely insightful. Thank you so much.

  7. Kendra Smith says:

    Thanks this was very informative and helpful :)

  8. Dasha Bulatov says:

    Awesome video, very concrete and realistic. Gracias dawg!

  9. leandro subs says:

    great info bro

  10. Shay Baybay says:

    Thank you for this video! I’ve been having trouble on seeing the light at
    the end of the tunnel for researching how to find land! So many tiny home
    videos that talk about their homes, they’re great and all but explaining
    things like finding places to reside is helpful!!

  11. Nick Alexander says:

    Its Zillow, buddy, not Z[aw]illow!

  12. Tiny House Customs says:

    Thanks Ryan. This is a topic I’m very interested in. Thanks for those
    links. Any chance of being neighbors? 🙂 $1 I’ll take it.

  13. VideoMenu says:

    1:36 – Freudian position of your mouse cursor maybe? Huh? I’ll bet you
    cleared your cache so we wouldn’t see you’ve already been to that link…
    and to the one 3 doors down. Huh? Huh?

    j/k. THANK you for a refreshing video topic on the Tiny Houses subject.
    THIS is what people are looking for. If you make more in this same vein
    (practical issues, not ooh-ing and aah-ing over their possessions and
    lifestyle) that would be great.

    ps. The only problem with craigslist is that you’ll do your search for
    “farm” in housing but then get:
    – 50 rental company ads,
    – 50 real estate agent ads,
    – the farm land in other states,
    – the same properties listed dozens of times (never deleting the old ads),
    – a dozen professional photographers and landscaping companies,
    – and the couple of guys who are selling their rims in every category they
    can find.

    And none of them realize the insurmountable clutter problems they are
    posing in everyone. Therefore, add to the list:
    – the dozen ads by these clutter spammers complaining about “the FLAGTARDS”
    and “COMPETITORS who hate my ads!” Because you know, it can’t be you and me
    (frustrated buyers with money) flagging their clutter spam.

  14. Donna Santoro says:

    Question ; When someone doesn’t know anyone with land or own any land
    themselves , how can one achieve building a Tiny Home without land to build
    on . Any Suggestions ??

  15. Elaine Walker says:

    I’ve lived happily and without any issues or objections on both rented land
    (beautiful, secluded farm by a river) and land I owned (behind a small
    house I also owned in a suburb, where the neighbors were terrific). I had
    electricity, water and sewer hook ups. It’s so much easier to live in a
    tiny house when there is already a legal residence on the property. Trying
    to buy or lease land and live there in your own tiny home when that land
    currently has no residence on it is like pushing a rock uphill. The vast
    majority of places forbid permanent camping on one’s own land. Many places
    forbid camping period. Even places that allow it will generally not permit
    you to have access to utilities – you might be able to get electricity but
    you won’t be able to dig a well or create a septic system. In addition, you
    won’t have a legal address if the land is zoned recreational.

    I strongly recommend against buying land for your tiny house unless you’ve
    done very through research. Yes, Craigslist and eBay have lots of
    interesting listings and I have been successful on both (the rented farm
    land came through Craigslist and I have purchased two nice lots from eBay,
    although not for my tiny home). However, I’ve also found that many people
    omit vital facts and/or tell outright lies about the land they list. Even
    after it’s been brought to the attention of fraud prevention at eBay, they
    continue to let these folks list property. There are several areas where it
    is not possible to build, even though the land is perfect for it otherwise,
    because there are problems with water rights and the county will not grant
    any building permits. Yet, these properties are advertised as “buildable”.
    People also will offer landlocked property, which again, cannot be built
    on, but that’s not disclosed.

    Be careful. If it’s cheap, there’s a reason. Make sure to uncover all the
    facts before you get into something that ends up costing far more than it’s

  16. earthsskin says:

    Thanks for sharing this practical and creative video.

  17. Diana Leigh says:

    I tried the facebook search and it didn’t give me any results (even when I
    entered it exactly as shown in the video)… Is there a trick to that type
    of search or has facebook changed again?

  18. JaimeLouNET says:

    How do you get water supply?

  19. dancewomyn1 says:

    Thanks a bunch for this very informative video!! ;)

  20. time4grace says:

    I saw” landwatch” and they are ok only that the rich are land grabbing.
    When can they let the poor get some? The Poor need only a very tiny land.
    For me excess lands are only for the grave.

  21. ridingismusic says:

    Thank you Ryan for information!

  22. signalfire6 says:

    For young people who are having trouble with getting ‘real’ jobs or retired
    people who need a boost to their income, I’m seeing loads of Craigslist ads
    for people willing to do home aide work, sometimes live-in. They are esp
    prevalent in markets where housing is expensive (wealthy older people
    wanting to stay at home as long as possible); sometimes the work involved
    is companionship and driver duties, in return room and board and you still
    have free time to have another job. It’s not necessarily tiny home living,
    but it could be a good win-win situation. This is a great post; I’ve been
    looking a very cheap land on the California coast; lots going for only 5K
    that without a drought would otherwise be 100K; I want to buy one and go
    totally off-grid including rainwater and fog harvesting, but apparently the
    codes won’t allow it… any hints would be greatly appreciated. 

  23. MetusBatman V2 says:

    Learn how to say Zillow, moron.

  24. Tiny House and Organic Farming Community says:

    Hi. I am a real estate investor looking to create a tiny home community on
    the east coast. Can anyone here help with getting me in contact with
    people who are looking to start a community ? Thanks. Subscribe and/or
    leave a comment for me. Thanks. Great video btw.

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