Financial Derivative Market with Prof. David Taylor

Financial Derivative Market with Prof. David Taylor

A physicist turned financial mathematician, David Taylor tells us how math and science skills give one the opportunity to choose amongst a variety of career choices. He also talks about how…

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  1. gmshadowtraders says:

    Muahaha. At 3:30 the truth bomb is dropped.

    “What’s happened recently is that we’re realizing that there are no rules
    in finance. Because the rules are governed by people’s behaviour. People’s
    behaviours, it doesn’t follow a set of predictable patterns. By and large.
    So the techniques of physics are very good at unearthing the connections
    between things and for modelling skills. But sometimes those models break
    down. And physicists are particularly unprepared for their models to break
    down dramatically in circumstances that don’t even make sense to them.”

    This David Taylor is an honest man! The main message is that Physics isn’t
    easily translated at all to the subject of Finance. Respect to you Sir.

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