Finance: What Managers Need to Know

Joe Knight, coauthor of the Financial Intelligence series, gives you a crash course in reading the numbers.

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25 Responses

  1. Avi Kolapo says:

    This is a very very useful video for entrepreneurs like me or people who
    are starting of in finance or Accounting. I’m glad my lecturer sent it to

  2. Mohammed Anter says:

    this video raise my capability , really support me by very useful

  3. Amit Gandhi says:

    The idea of ownership of the job makes a huge difference to the company’s
    culture. Great video! 

  4. Subha Rajesh says:

    Short and effective advice.

  5. Agostinho Maia says:

    The idea for managers to expose the financial state of company to employees
    is a fantastic idea. Employees feel like the business is theirs

  6. Nation of Judah says:

    some great info. thanks

  7. MrDestroyer3000 says:

    Nors vienas zmogus dar isijunge paziuret sita video pries egza?

  8. Rajyogi Wadi says:
  9. FXA USA says:

    great interview! 5 stars!

  10. TheBusinessForum says:

    I really believe that you are making the complicated business system into a
    setup that is easy and mainly efficient. I praise your work and really
    think that you are doing great work.

  11. ppldeflib says:

    @Kellysayshello you’re canadian…. You can’t be a genius.

  12. financialservices123 says:

    Awesome video – you can see more of this at imageron (dot) com

  13. snowbored84 says:

    This is a very basic understanding of finance and I would hope that all
    high level managers have this understanding.

  14. anakmudajaman says:

    I Love The Video Joe Knight, coauthor of the Financial Intelligence series,
    gives you a crash course in reading the numbers. It Can Increase My

  15. moneysmartnc says:

    Great video. For free personal finance education please visit my youtube

  16. airana79 says:

    It’s great that someone is trying to teach in not common way. Also I agree
    that involving employees into company finances could be a good way. If
    employee feels like its his business it makes him work better.

  17. Lydia Bocage says:

    Thank you for the useful information. I’ve seen directors of companies just
    agree blindly to the numbers, oh they may ask a few questions to seem
    educated but on the whole the finance team are in charge. I’ve also seen
    the finance team massage the numbers to make them fit.

  18. krider11 says:

    Good Solid Historical Acct. Sys.- Integrity & Competency
    Accurate-Consistent-Considerable Applied. Key Metrics that can bring awards
    thru Bonuses! – Great Idea! I’m A Fresh Accountant- but these Vids are
    GREAT! I’ve watched this 1 for 3 days strait now.. lol

  19. Gafnndotcom says:

    good video!

  20. paydayloanscanadanow says:

    This video is just brilliant

  21. mjiblet says:

    Joe doesn’t mention it, but his “debate” with Kaplan came to fist-a-cuffs.
    Kaplan went down and curled into the fetal position faster than a 10-key
    doing sixth-grade math. Joe came to our company; he showed a gangly bunch
    of writers and designers how to read a balance sheet. Athenaikos quoting of
    Heraclitus rings true, Joe held fast to “that which is common to all.” Good
    stuff. Go Joe.

  22. khankhan862 says:


  23. Kristian Alexander Millan-Diaz says:

    Going into FIU as a Finance Major,and this video is very interesting! Its
    true,if you dont understand every aspect of your business,even including
    employees,it may lead to a very difficult business!

  24. viksra says:

    What’s with the last 5 comments? I smell SEO…

  25. Eduardo Chávez says:

    basic but good!!!

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