Fast && Healthy Breakfast Recipe: Meal Replacement Smoothie

A super easy and quick recipe for a healthy breakfast smoothie! Let me know if you like this video with a thumbs up! Post a photo of your smoothie on Instagram or twitter and tag me!! http://insta…

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24 Responses

  1. Carly Cristman says:

    NEW VIDEO! Fast and Healthy meal replacement smoothie recipe for breakfast!

  2. Calli cat says:

    oh I’m all about that kale life

  3. Aby a says:

    Ok video, more information would be great – not knowing what you are using
    – hmmmmm

  4. Amanda Tomlinson says:

    Thank you :)

  5. Sam Dunn says:

    Where did you get the house of chia seeds and the protein powder

  6. rchiariello says:

    Seriously, can she get through ONE video without referencing alcohol? It’s
    kind of a problem.

  7. Amanda Tomlinson says:

    Can u just put the fruits in it or do u have to add the seeds and stuff??

  8. Michael Siddiqi says:

    Really great video! Thanks for the tips! Me and my coworker have also made
    a wonderful breakfast smoothie book that I would appreciate it a ton(!), if
    someone could possibly take a few moments of your busy days to get it and
    if you are feeling extra generous, leave a review 🙂

    Thanks in advance. I will sub and like everyone who does so. Have a
    wonderful day! Write in the comments when you get it :)

  9. forevasweet1 says:

    Loooool ur so funny

  10. Daija Bryant says:

    we have those same measuring spoons , they’re shaped like hearts !

  11. Elissa Binion says:

    Can you do a video on fruit infused vodka? Like you mentioned in the

  12. Sophie cat says:

    all about that kale life

  13. Demy Mizchelle says:

    We need that fruit infused vodka hahah 

  14. Bianca So says:

    LOOL fruit infused vodka 😉 

  15. glitterandgold says:

    Loved this!

  16. Ellaa Nazha says:


  17. Ashley A says:


  18. Diana S says:

    does anyone know where i can get the protein powder? bc i’ve never seen
    them before

  19. Ashley Spaustat says:

    Loved this vid!!! 

  20. Redhead Mare says:

    loved it and am going to try it! more like this please:)

  21. Courtney Pryor says:

    i was never a smoothie person but i know i dont get nearly as much nutients
    as i need so i may try this. 

  22. Jeanny says:

    I love this video! Everyone needs to eat and what a better way than to eat
    healthy 🙂
    Please share more of your favourite recipes!! Thanks Carly xx

  23. Chelsea Su says:


  24. ilyflores1991 says:

    Enjoyed your humor in this video 

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