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12 Responses

  1. Amy Bates says:

    Nice job

  2. nickdasportsguy says:

    You made the falls look like a big city, nice job

  3. Collin Cummings says:

    not bad, man

  4. Dylan Scott says:

    I suggest turning up the vocal audio a bit. Do whatever you think is best
    for you music, its just what I think. Pretty good song.

  5. Emmett Storts says:

    that video editing was really good. Who did it?

  6. Clay Chapman says:

    @Thailur5194 the waterfall, the shelter, the school, everything!

  7. Brandon Doherty says:

    Sounds good! Were you using any filters when you filmed it? Also, what
    format is it rendered in?

  8. Clay Chapman says:

    haha very nice. its so weird seeing all these landmarks i grew up with used
    in a way like this

  9. USMC Hans says:

    Great song and video man… Keep it up!

  10. CJ Blake says:

    Makin’ the Falls look ghetto. haha. Good editing, song is pretty good too!

  11. Aonair Official says:

    That’s awesome brotha. If you liked it all, share this with others!

  12. Aonair Official says:

    That’s great man. What do you mean by “landmarks”?

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