Fair Food – How to Make Funnel Cakes

In this video, you’ll see how to make funnel cakes. These are the fun, puffy cakes they make at county fairs and carnivals. They’re so easy to make. Serve them dusted with confectioner’s…

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21 Responses

  1. Shauna Wang says:

    Why doesn’t it have the pretty shape that laura vitale has? Was the oil too

  2. Bubblez28vlogz says:

    $5 !!!! thats a deal i usually have to pay like $10^ OMG !!!! 

  3. CristalLaurel says:

    Doing it from the outside in has worked better for me when doing these.
    They get the round shape that way:) 

  4. Sally Rodriguez says:

    Thats way too much oil you dont need that much, a small pan with less oil
    will work just fine.

  5. dumpling1999 says:

    The hot oil makes it seem pretty dangerous… :o

  6. Emmy's Artworld says:

    I shall attempt to make this! But there is no way in the world I’m using
    that much oil. That would be crazy 

  7. Giulia Campos says:

    A great substitute for the funnel, since its pretty dangerous, would be a
    zip lock bag or a piping bag. It’s much more efficient.

  8. maxb3rry says:

    I can use just regular cake batter right?

  9. Jordan z says:

    they look horrible.. 

  10. Elissa Celino says:

    We like dipping ours in apple butter…. Just woke up watching this at 7
    a.m now I’m hungry lol

  11. Some weird stranger says:

    the batter is a bit too thin but overall this recipe is great :)!

  12. Federico Lopez says:

    Can we add any flavor like whipp cream

  13. Whispering Mist says:

    Wow….that looks like crap!

  14. Cute Addiction says:

    Make smaller funnel cakes because it looks dangerous making a big one 

  15. You Don't Know me says:

    Struggle funnel cake

  16. lindasue cappisillo says:

    Use a cut off coke bottle for a make shift funnel…cut the bottle in half.
    Use opening for holding batter,

  17. XxiI_ARES_IixX says:

    Drizzle some honey over it before you put the powdered sugar and you got
    yourself a dessert! 

  18. Talla Tini says:

    only the most basic of the bitches would have trouble with this recipe,
    10/10 perf <3 so yummy

  19. raisednvirginia says:

    That Semi-Homemade woman Sandra Lee had an even better idea for shape
    control, she washed out a used plastic ketchup bottle and poured the
    mixture in it, the funnel cake shape came out better than these allrecipes
    funnel cakes. 

  20. Glamgirl0179 says:

    2ed comment and want to make this!!!

  21. Lakshminarayanan Krishnan says:

    Isn’t this what they call as “bear’s claws” or something?

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