Explains TPMS -Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems Video – Pep Boys

TPMS, or Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems, alert you if you have unsafe air pressure in any of your tires. These monitors are installed in your wheels, and alert you through a symbol on the…

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18 Responses

  1. Pep Boys Auto says:

    What does TPMS stand for?

    Watch this video to find out!


  2. sbc388550 says:

    TPMS,…….. Sounds like something a woman gets!

  3. fittalk says:

    Thank you so much. That was very helpful.

  4. Sharvin Nannan Panday says:

    Why would you need to go to this fake store? Why not just head to the
    dealer and let them install it officially?

  5. Austin Droke says:

    I didn’t even hear a word she said I was too busy checking this model out

  6. Jacob Veenstra says:


  7. Dison Arnibal says:

    Hi Pep Boys Auto. I’m an avid fan of all of your videos. How about a review
    of well-known tire pressure gauges on the market? I’m actually planning to
    buy in bulk and I don’t want to fall on their respective amazon reviews. I
    want the reviews from your end! Here are my top choices:
    1. AccuTire
    2. Mountain Crest Premium Tire Gauge – this is a newly established digital
    tire gauge brand I see on amazon and I want to give it a try
    3. Michelin
    4. Longacre

  8. Erwin Tipton says:

    I quit shopping there because , , The first time they ripped me off on a
    started and would not give me my money back on the core , That was 5 years
    ago , I was quoted 104 dollars on there website for a radiator , Then I go
    there to buy it and they jacked up the price to 190 , and it was a peace of
    crap one ,It was not copper and brass , The Pep boys in costa mesa CA on
    bristal street. . I am telling everyone not to shop there.

  9. Austin Droke says:

    oh and by the way pep boys is a joke I could go to discount tire’s and get
    the same stuff done and they are cheaper

  10. jd tsab says:

    she said only 2007 and up model require the TPMs…..my 2006 HONDA PILOT
    EX-L already has this problem……

  11. Fred Romano says:

    tits or gtfo

  12. luickdav says:

    Is it easy to switch out a set of OEM wheels with a second set of OEM
    wheels with TPMS? Will the car throw an error? I have a 2011 Porsche
    Panamera. I need two sets of wheels; one for winter and one for summer.

  13. fayette1983 says:

    Thank you so much for this video, this explained clearly the problem that I
    have been having with my car.

  14. Mick Taylor says:

    These videos are ok but I want to warn everyone to READ YOUR OWNERS MANUAL
    REGARDING TPMS then if you want to watch these videos do so. SOME TPMS
    systems also monitor the spare tire (usually a donut spare and usually 60

  15. Joe Maryanski Jr says:

    definitely replace your TPMS sensors if they are 5 years or older when you
    get new tires… otherwise.. they will go south..and you will have to pay
    to have the tires dismounted..the sensors replaced and the seals too..and
    the tires remounted..and rebalanced… save yourself $125.00 or more..by
    replacing those sensors at the same time you buy that new set of tires…
    the snesors are often another $125 or more a set!! Another annoyong dash
    warning light stuck on!!!

  16. MASTERP661 says:

    No , you can use your old ones as long as they are still workong properly

  17. Tony Davenport says:

    Great video

  18. Rich Bravo says:

    I purchased mine from TPMSdirect-com Such a pain this whole tpms thing,
    Good Video

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