Exercises for Better Health : How to Stretch Out the Thoracic Spine

To stretch out your thoracic spine, the middle area between your cervical spine and lumbar spine, try exercises such as the Pretzel and Iron Cross shown here. Learn some useful spinal stretches…

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25 Responses

  1. bob dole says:

    came here looking for stretches cuz my upper back is killing me, thx for

  2. thebachu786 says:

    this is also a yoga move, lauren is really flexible. good spinal

  3. bubblehead187 says:

    Excellent video

  4. salmonfaky says:

    Bretzel not Pretzel lol

  5. Droopy Drip says:

    my upper back is so fucked

  6. Revolution Fitness says:

    These are great stretches for the mid back…you might need to be a little
    flexible for the pretzel stretch 😉 Exercises for Better Health : How to
    Stretch Out the Thoracic Spine #back

  7. LiveLoveMacaroni says:

    stretching feeeeels sooooo goooooooood!!

  8. jstnhnh says:

    You think these two are f*cking?

  9. Republic Wakepark Elisabeth Fuchs says:

    Helps a lot!

  10. FlameAlchemist Lorenzo says:

    she is hot and i bet he fucks her too lol

  11. Christina Jones says:

    Thanks so much. I pulled some muscles in my back and this is helping me
    keep mobility till I can get to the chiropractor. Thanks!

  12. Alex Ngui says:

    haha I chuckled, in the pretzel stretch he says ‘you’re stretching three
    muscles’. one of them he said was the spine. ahha ooops

  13. 987Rainbows1 says:

    are you twisting the back when you do this stretch? Is this safe for
    someone who has low back pain?

  14. asrsniperx says:

    shes cute 😉

  15. Johnny Jab says:

    oh im gonna do that bretzel with her !

  16. 1102afe says:

    Swear he keeps saying thoRASTIC spine

  17. mark200666 says:

    He messed up because she had the right leg but he had grabbed the other leg

  18. Anthony Park says:

    shes hot

  19. Devin Allen says:

    1:29 how did her hand get over her knee :/ ?

  20. Appo47 says:

    Great stuff

  21. Marco Buquicchio says:

    aaaand now i have a boner 😀

  22. Sherry Kumar says:

    Thank you for the upload. I suffer from facet joint damage in my thoracic
    area and these stretches feel amazing!

  23. Skyler Zarndt says:

    Careful on the iron-cross…stabilizing the t-spine while creating motion
    in the lumbar region can be particularly dangerous…at least according to

  24. MrApedrape says:

    Thank you for this video!

  25. Destroyer of Worlds says:

    yea bend your ass over like a good bitch

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