EXACTLY how a car engine works – 3D animation !

Check this out it is so cool and exactly how an internal combustion engine works ! WOW http://www.autotechblog.com.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses

  1. salamul hak says:

    assembly and working of car engine…

  2. Autos Wholesale says:

    Unsure how a car engine works? This video should explain it.

  3. The Newbie says:

    what app r u using to make this video?

  4. Lawrence Automotive Diagnostics, Inc. says:

    Unsure how a car engine works? This video should explain it.

  5. chelsey Danielle Bond says:

    Was good but yes labels would help to know all the parts of the engine
    aswell for those who may not know all the parts and would like to know 

  6. Judith Friel says:

    That’s an old engine from the 70s

  7. Nero Santorino says:

    labels would help

  8. Mike P says:

    very practical video .new mechanical bible. common sense for dummies like
    moi! thanks much 

  9. Treetop64 says:

    These videos never show how the coolant moves through an engine and gets
    cooled, or how the oil gets distributed…

  10. Sasha Schmalried says:
  11. Landon Luman says:

    Bruh, 3.14 M views, makes me want some pi

  12. Robin Lim says:

    haizz no hd…

  13. QUIT says:

    … And I wanna be a auto mechanic. I hope I make it

  14. Mano Kanna says:

    these videos never show the coolant moves through an engine and gets cooled
    the oil gets distributed………..

  15. Johnny Samara says:

    You mean to tell me there’s no way to make a car engine without any belts
    on it? The belts are clearly the weakest point in them, it’s absolutley
    ridiculous an engine has to rely on them!

  16. Jebediah Kerman says:

    cool animation but not very helpful

  17. TheGoother99 says:

    soo many screws! imagine a plane engine

  18. Luqmaan Joseph says:

    This doesn’t explain shit lol – can we have someone narrating pls or adding
    subtitles or something?!

  19. JoeAllstars says:

    I want to be a firefighter in the military, but you have to know engine
    mechanics…..and now that I watch this video, i’m not sure I will be able
    to do what I want. :(

  20. Graham Aldrich says:

    If only all those parts were named as they became attached to the engine
    this would’ve been a lot more useful to a novice like me. Enjoyed it all
    the same though.

  21. Francesco Pastino says:

    looks exactly like my bmws engine, except only 4

  22. المهندس حسن الطيب says:
  23. jeffs1000 says:

    A lot can go wrong with all this…lots of moving parts and stuff.

  24. Tom Forte says:

    does anyone even know what any of this video means?

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