Environmental Health : How to Recycle Used Computers

Recycling used computers is important to avoid spreading the heavy metals, like zinc, lead and copper, into the environment. Discover where to recycle electronics, visiting eRecycle.com for…
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25 Responses

  1. chubz1337 says:

    well if the old computers still work you could put linux on them and give
    them to people who dont have a computers.

  2. AndrewKoala says:

    @royme55 – I’m not suggesting we dump our garbage everywhere. I have 1st
    hand exp. with chemically polluted water-table. My point about perpetuating
    the problem refers to how industry thinks (not I) because Industry only
    considers profit, and not lives. Be it cancer research scam, or Emission
    Trading Scam or a host of other Industry & Govt.. Sponsored scams. Though
    it is true that everything (given enough time) is recyclable. The whole
    planet grows in thickness by approx 3 ft every 1000 years

  3. justin somerville says:

    lol intro dumb

  4. Lupu Florin says:

    ☺/ /▌ /

  5. sabery says:

    .. on a side note…how does hair dye effect the environment?

  6. Adrian Rosario says:

    I smell socialism….

  7. kazimann says:

    Old on a minute, where do these metals come from: The earth.

  8. Flowredrum says:

    Get a flamethrower and burn your old computer to a molten mass. Problem

  9. 9057979page says:

    Copper is a heavy metal???? Guess we better start worrying about our water
    pipes. Idiot video

  10. Martyj2009 says:

    Wow, you go to a video that says “How to do something” it doesn’t tell you
    how to do it. No it links you to a place where you can find out how. Epic

  11. eklectric says:

    please please listen to this guy. For now, most (if not all) of our old
    computers end up being torn apart by families in rural China. Yes Europe
    and the US dump their stuff over there. Just type “Guiyu” in google to
    understand what really goes on. even just the pictures should ring some
    alarm signal. If we recycle our stuff HERE, we wouldn’t have to send it
    over THERE. benefitting all the RIGHT people.

  12. JOHNOOH says:

    that mans a modern day hippie!!- and i love him

  13. iExD says:

    don’t forget sillicon!

  14. Noeud524 says:

    I really tough it was a computer..

  15. royme55 says:

    It is that supid idea that the world is endless that would have us all up
    to our ears in garbage. You are an idiot if you think we can go on dumping
    our junk anywhere we want and the world will just gobble it up. If you were
    in charge our children will be swimming a toxic soup.

  16. FdWar757 says:

    You people are idiots. All he’s trying to tell you is not to put dangerous
    materials into the environment. It’s people like you that are killing our
    wildlife and making it harder for us to live. BEFORE I GET FLAMED. I AM A

  17. gloggmasterer says:

    yeah they just mistake everything for granite, bad eyesight is what i blame
    it on

  18. mysonnewow says:

    stupid video, we get alot of these metals from mining them from the ground,
    if we get them there y cant we put them back?

  19. AndrewKoala says:

    The planet has a metal core. That’s why we have a magnetic field. It also
    generates heat, and gives the planet life, otherwise it would be a rock in
    space. You and other life would not exist. Everything is eventually
    consumed by the earth, you dopey twit. Recycling saves the mining companies
    money digging it out, and costs the consumer money to recycle. Where
    there’s muck, there’s money. If you can’t solve the problem, perpetuate it
    and make lots of money in the process.

  20. sheapet says:

    what an amateur video

  21. zildcrab says:

    Good answer, but calling somebody else mistakes doesn’t release you from
    your own.

  22. FinalFan0 says:

    These people are idiots. However, you should believe in the destruction of
    the polar Bears and penguins habitat; that is Global Weirding.

  23. TheGreenOrchestra says:

    Green is the way to go! I made a video called “One World” that I hope will
    inspire many. Check it out and tell me what you think. Just trying to make
    a difference…

  24. gleegirloz says:

    Good work,thanks I’ve been holding on to a couple of pc’s & TV’s Radios,et
    al, cos I didn’t know what to do with them!Thasnk you very much!

  25. evanlomas says:

    hahaha “aaaagh im not a computer im just foolin with you!”

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