Elk vs. Photographer | Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Update: I’ve been in contact with the photographer in the above video and we would both like to issue a statement regarding the news of the National Park Service’s decision to put the elk down….
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses

  1. Vince M. Camiolo says:
  2. David A. says:

    “Statement from James (the photographer):
    I love and respect animals and that’s why I photograph them and don’t hunt

    Well, it’s hunters’ dollars that paid for the elk transplantation into the
    GSMNP and all related work. And you’re an idiot of you think hunters hate
    animals. You might want to check into work of the second largest land
    conservancy in the U.S., the Rocky Mtn. Elk Foundations. Hunters’ dollars
    at work.

    That said, this bull was just playing. Why the Park Service would put him
    down is beyond me. Complete stupidity. As far as the photographer’s
    actions, he stayed cool but he didn’t realize by his head actions he was
    encouraging the bull to continue to spar. If he wanted to get out of the
    situation he should have been dominant over this little bull by acting
    aggressive rather than passive.

    At any rate, no big deal other than the stupidity of the Park Service in
    killing the elk. It’s not like a bear being aggressive and trying to bite
    or eat campers.

  3. 911ambulancegirl says:

    Before I read the description my thought after watching this video was,
    “this animal may have to be put down.” Yes. That sucks, but the behavior
    of the animal was dangerous. Imagine if that had been a child. I wish
    that perhaps it could have been relocated to a wildlife park or a zoo…
    Yes, that would have been a better end to it. Because it truly seemed to
    enjoy the interaction with the man. BUT this is WHY we locals are always
    yelling at you visitors NOT TO FEED THE WILDLIFE!!! Because we know that
    this is the end result. I know, it’s cute to have the little babies come
    running up to you for your Cheetos, but it’s not healthy for them to eat,
    and it’s not healthy for them to acclimate to human contact like that.
    PLEASE, when you come to Montana, DON’T feed the wildlife. It’s just like
    signing their death warrants.

  4. Lena Redhead says:

    It was good the dude kept antagonizing the animal 

  5. Wunji1 says:

    The Elk was obviously wanting to play, so calm down retards. If that Elk
    wanted to hurt the man, you can be sure he would have done so. One charge,
    and that man would have been history. But, that isn’t what happened, and
    sadly the park made a poor decision, as the Elk could have been moved to
    another habitat…

  6. Bulldogfishmaster says:

    good way to lose an eye

  7. Roger Autry says:

    Part of me wanted the elk to bury an antler into the man’s neck.

  8. Johnny Ringo says:

    Anyone else notice how obsolete that “Reduced Speed Ahead” sign is?

  9. Bourgone22 says:

    lucky Elk Sarah Palin wasn’t around

  10. sandra kellstrom says:

    What I see is a young buck looking for a tussle. They do this with each
    other and he obviously thought the photographer looked like a likely
    partner, otherwise he would have trampled this guy. To put this animal
    down for this is beyond insane. The photographer was in “his” territory
    and on the ground. I think that brings some element of risk, don’t you?
    The vehicles there could have run this animal off at any time. People have
    to remember that we are in their world and we should learn the rules before
    we do something dumb. This elk was not trying to kill him, and that’s
    obvious. Dire consequences for a young animals stuck between his world and
    ours. Shame.

  11. Igel & Fuchs says:

    cool guy

  12. Jonathan Pearson says:

    people in the car should of drove forward to scare the animal away

  13. 32SQUID says:

    This elk actually was not shot.

    It is still alive today.

  14. TheWildScarletRose says:

    Elk was like “Man, y u no have antlers?!”

  15. John Buffaloe says:

    What a beautiful animal. It’s a shame the decision was made to put him
    down, but I trust the Rangers to know what they’re doing. Never, ever feed
    wildlife and always keep your distance.

  16. Per Sonne says:

    Strange bahaving animal – maybe brainworm?

  17. ChrisCrashNow says:

    We’re on their Turf and some times Excrement Occurs.

  18. adamthestimator says:

    How do you explain this to your chiropractor?

  19. Emily White says:

    Is it just me or did no one actually read the video description? It wasn’t
    because of this sole event that the deer was put to sleep! 

  20. Tracy Smith says:

    Just wonder why other didn’t honk their horns to help. Pull up closer to
    scare him off and stuff. Don’t just stand there. The elk could have poke an
    eye out.

  21. Diana Giles says:

    why put elk down stupid moran just sitting there..

  22. Curtis Castillo says:

    fuckin evil honking the horn like Bruh wtf is wrong with ppl just leave it
    alone it’s not bothering anyone 

  23. John Python says:

    You could tell this buck has been fed and encouraged by humans before and
    that is why they had to put him down. I think the way the man handled this
    situation was perfect, resulting in his safe return uninjured.

  24. Yulisa Chaj says:

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