Electronics Projects, with LittleBits

3 “LittleBits” projects, I came up with, to solve everyday challenges, and learn more about electronics in the process. They’re pricy, so use promo code: THEKINGOFRANDOM to get off*: http://bi…
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  1. Grant Thompson - "The King of Random" says:

    *Thank you for all the nice comments, likes, and birthday wishes. I do
    read and appreciate them 🙂 On a completely different note, I opened an
    Instagram account and posted a picture of something I’m working on right
    now. (**http://instagram.com/grantsprojects**). Melting rocks! haha*

  2. Cammon Randle says:

    Dude. These are freaking cool. I wish I had these back in the day. Although
    I did enjoy learning to solder with my Dad

  3. Nguyen Huy Anh says:

    wow, i like “Someone just opened your safe”. I want to buy your product,
    but i’m in vietnam. how to buy that?

  4. RimstarOrg says:

    Happy Birthday Grant! I’ve seen these around but never demonstrations like
    that. Cool stuff.

  5. smartydix says:

    How does it send and receive SMS?

  6. fung whyou says:

    LittleBits prices way to high

  7. SuparCraft says:

    The problem is they can use the roku and you cant know because the roku
    uses Bluetooth, not infrared.

  8. Brendan Sapp says:

    Very shocking

  9. Austin Johanningmeier says:

    OMG THESE ARE SO COOL I HAVE THESE i wish i hade more

  10. Federico Latini says:

    I already have the base kit wich its nice but not a big of a deal, winning
    a new one will revamp my interest in it

  11. BOSSMAN t says:

    Good job dad putting a sensor in your kid’s toy’s forehead JK

  12. Arcaico Raven says:

    Why a thief should be scared of a led?

  13. Adam Thompson-Sharpe says:

    On ifttt.com, how did you get that block with the cloud thing?

  14. Mom Of All Capes says:

    While looking for science fair projects my eX-y came across this. OMFG!
    Spectacular…So, nerd out with us… this is worth it.
    Electronics Projects, with LittleBits | The King of Random
    (@GrantsProjects) https://youtu.be/6fJRDjaoLIk
    #nerdsrule #Science

  15. Ronan Miguel Barnachea says:

    i liked all your vidssss 🙂

  16. Tatas Fachrul says:

    you’re too cruel to mr. owl.. >w<

  17. Chaotic Impulse says:

    They are so expensive for something so simple

  18. jose Torres says:

    Hey grant I love your videos how do you add words and power point slides on
    your videos 

  19. Mario 64 says:

    Is the little bits basic kit have all the pieces or do I have to get
    premium to get all pieces and if the premium has all the pieces what does
    the premium have that the basic does not have

  20. Junia Gialogo says:

    happy birthday man

  21. Corben Verne says:

    Hi I would really love a little bits lot but I was counting on you to get
    me one on Christmas please! :'( 

  22. MultiChannel71 says:

    “it lights up scaryng away an potentail thief” love this guy

  23. Blaze Aguirre says:

    Blaze Aguirre at 8179648996 smart home system

  24. Emily Szabunia says:

    Wait your kids watching Johnny test

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