Elders React to The Lonely Island

Lonely Island Bonus Reactions: http://dft.ba/-4yxX The Lonely Island tweeted about the video, we can’t believe it! 10 DAYS FREE OF VIDEO & EDITING TUTORIALS! Help support the TheFineBros …
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24 Responses

  1. TheFineBros says:

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  2. This Channel is Retired! says:

    Elders react to Bo Burnham

  3. CollegeBoyMidwest says:

    I say “valar morghulis” instead of “yolo.”

  4. Mistah Buki says:

    Elders react to kendrick lamar and his new album.

  5. AbductedSteve says:

    Seriously, redo this with Im On A Boat. It’s their best song.

  6. William Wideman says:

    Martys words of wisdom

  7. Charizard314159 says:

    1 Highlight the numbers
    2 Press ctrl+f
    3 Press 9
    4 Read the message

  8. Noah Roque says:

    This is what ended yolo 

  9. Echo Lavine says:

    0:25 lost it there . . . xD

  10. Scott Myers says:

    4:07 is this guy still on the show? Feels like I haven’t seen him in any
    recent episodes.

  11. RangerJes says:

    No spring break?

  12. Kid Casper says:

    Elders react to:Sleeping with sirens 

  13. Meredith Helm says:

    reply if your watching this in 2015

  14. chere100 says:

    If you believe in reincarnation, you live a lot more then once.

  15. Professor Montebon says:

    ” I’ve never seen fireworks in somebody’s pants.. like that.. “

  16. Doodleman says:

    Oooooo Jennifer likes the chastity belt 😉 mmmm

  17. yeriichi says:

    Youtubers react to vocaloids!!! 

  18. - Fuzions - says:


  19. Reynold Adamson says:

    Elders react to 40 Different Styles!

  20. Angelo Abela says:

    Marty wins the internet

  21. CanIHazUrTaco says:

    How to start an argument on YouTube:
    1: State your Opinion
    2: Wait

  22. Axel Neo says:

    Lonely Island’s Threw it on the Ground and Great Day would make for awesome

  23. Nightmare's Channel says:

    For the YOLO one, I think they misunderstood the actual irony of the
    lyrics/video and the actual term. I’m saddened that they didn’t catch
    that. :c

  24. frank c says:

    Elders react to bullet – hollywood undead

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