EHX Soul Food VS Bondi Effects Sick As Overdrive

EHX Soul Food VS Bondi Effects Sick As Overdrive Two of my favorite dirt pedals out there. How do they compare? Tested with my Fano PX6 through a Tone King 20th Anniversary Imperial. A/B-box is a…

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13 Responses

  1. Arafat Amin says:

    The difference between the two is very subtle. I prefer the Bondi very
    slightly…it seems to have slightly richer harmonics than the soul food,
    but the difference can be considered negligible in a lot of occasions.
    Excellent video/comparison!

  2. brian patrick says:

    I find it curious that in all the countless klon vs klone and klone vs
    klone vids out there, no one is comparing how these pedals sound when
    switching them on/off with their left foot as opposed to their right and
    vice versa. I think this is an avenue that needs to be seriously and
    thoroughly explored. 😉 But seriously folks, Mr. Livingstonroom’s A/B demo
    format should be the template for all others. Well done, as always. I have
    the Soul Food, and no complaints. 

  3. Adrian Williams says:

    Definitely a comparable pair of pedals. The Sick As has just that little
    more body, richness and tonality than the Soul Food. Hearing them together
    makes me think the Soul Food is less likely to come through in the mix,
    whereas the Sick As has just the right “oomph” to get above the mix and
    heard. If you had a choice due to budget constraints, the Soul Food is
    definitely a good choice. But if you need a bit more “something
    something”, the Sick As definitely demonstrated it here, especially in the
    lower gain portion of the demo.

  4. Padraic Plaugher says:

    both sound really good! props to the 60 sf!

  5. Realfi says:

    I clearly hear what I didn’t like about the SF in this clip. 

  6. giggs102 says:

    man you make such awesome demos!!

  7. Phil Barrows says:

    Bondi has a little more jangle

  8. Blues Live says:

    Having separate bass and treble cut/boost is a nice feature..
    Wish the vid explored these features on the Sick As

  9. mpg13rocks says:

    Lol is this thats southern country living song haha

  10. pedalguru89 says:

    What are those patch cables you’re using? 

  11. Josh YOSH says:

    Holy crap they sound almost alike . I actually had my eye on that Bondi
    SickAs when it came out. That JUST MEANS I have good ears. I pulled the
    trigger on the SF some time ago..I deserve a pat on the back.LOL

  12. Arkie Alphita says:

    Nice demo! Personally, which one do you prefer? Is it worth enough to spend
    twice of SF price for Sick As? Thanks!

  13. Zachary Nagle says:

    Great demo! I prefer the $60 Soul Food.

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